Peace and Justice Project to hold conference around 5 key demands

The campaign group founded by Jeremy Corbyn is set to host a major event in April

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at a rally

The Peace and Justice Project is set to hold a one-day conference around its core campaign demands. The campaign group – founded by the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – announced today that it will be hosting the conference on 13 April in London.

The Peace and Justice Project’s five demands are:

  • A payrise for all – calling for inflation busting payrises for public sector workers and a £15 an hour minimum wage
  • Housing for the many – calling for a rent freeze, an end to no-fault evictions and mass council house building
  • A Green New Deal – calling for an end to privatisation of water, public transport, Royal Mail and energy
  • To tax the rich and save the NHS – calling for an increase on income tax for the top 5% of earners to fund investment in the NHS and social care
  • To welcome refugees and build a world free from war – calling for a ‘humane’ migration system and asylum seekers to be given the right to work, healthcare and housing

Among those set to speak at the conference are Corbyn himself, Labour Peer and Left Foot Forward columnist Prem Sikka, and the general secretary of the PCS Union Fran Heathcote. Campaign groups We Own It, War on Want and Palestine Solidarity Campaign will also have speakers at the event.

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

Image credit: Sophie J Brown – Creative Commons

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