Full list of MPs who have signed motion of no confidence in Lindsay Hoyle following Gaza ceasefire vote

SNP and Conservative MPs are angry with the speaker after how the Gaza ceasefire vote was handled

Palace of Westminster

Last night, the House of Commons descended into chaos over an opposition day debate in which MPs were asked to vote on whether to support a ceasefire in Gaza.

The Commons was initially set to vote on a motion proposed by the SNP which called for a ceasefire. However, that motion was ultimately not put to MPs after the speaker Lindsay Hoyle allowed an amendment from the Labour Party.

The initial SNP motion called for an ‘immediate ceasefire’ in Gaza, the release of hostages held by Hamas, and accused Israel of engaging in collective punishment of the Palestinian people. The Labour amendment also called for a ceasefire, but said that “Israel cannot be expected to cease fighting if Hamas continues with violence and that Israelis have the right to assurance that the horror of 7 October 2023 cannot happen again.”

A substantial number of Labour MPs were expected to back the SNP motion of the Labour amendment wasn’t selected, and Labour’s amendment being selected meant that Keir Starmer avoided a major rebellion.

The speaker’s decision turned out to be highly controversial. Parliamentary convention is that on opposition day debates only government amendments are selected to be voted on. Both Tory and SNP MPs refused to take part in the vote on the motion, meaning it passed without a division in the Commons.

It later emerged that Starmer met with the speaker to lobby him to allow the Labour amendment to be put to a vote. Hoyle said that he allowed the Labour amendment as a result of threats to the personal safety of MPs.

However, Newsnight‘s political editor Nicholas Watt has said that sources in the Labour Party told him that Labour figures indicated to Hoyle that they would remove him as speaker after the next election if he did not call Labour’s amendment. The speaker’s office has denied this.

Hoyle later issued an apology in the House of Commons. He told MPs: “It is clear that today did not show the house at its best. I will reflect on my part in that of course”, later adding: “I have tried to do what I thought was the right thing for all sides of this House. It is regrettable, and I apologise, that the decision didn’t end up in the place that I wished.”

Following the drama in the Commons, an Early Day Motion has been submitted which expresses no confidence in the speaker. At the time of writing, 81 MPs have signed the motion.

The full list of MPs who have signed the motion is as follows:

  1. William Wragg, Conservative
  2. Gary Sambrook, Conservative
  3. Jill Mortimer, Conservative
  4. John Stevenson, Conservative
  5. Kieran Mullan, Conservative
  6. Anthony Mangnall, Conservative
  7. James Durridge, Conservative
  8. Jo Gideon, Conservative
  9. Chris Green, Conservative
  10. Bob Blackman, Conservative
  11. Tom Randall, Conservative
  12. Jonathan Lord, Conservative
  13. Karl McCartney, Conservative
  14. Derek Thomas, Conservative
  15. Jack Brereton, Conservative
  16. Tom Hunt, Conservative
  17. David Linden, SNP
  18. Stewart McDonald, SNP
  19. Chris Law, SNP
  20. John McNally, SNP
  21. Gavin Newlands, SNP
  22. Pete Wishart, SNP
  23. James Grundy, Conservative
  24. Martyn Day, SNP
  25. Joanna Cherry, SNP
  26. Patricia Gibson, SNP
  27. Brendan Clarke-Smith, Conservative
  28. Lee Anderson, Conservative
  29. Alison Thewliss, SNP
  30. Anum Qaisar, SNP
  31. Graham Brady, Conservative
  32. Eddie Hughes, Conservative
  33. Geoffrey Clifton Brown, Conservative
  34. Douglas Chapman, SNP
  35. Carol Monaghan, SNP
  36. Marco Longhi, Conservative
  37. Drew Hendry, SNP
  38. Rob Roberts, Independent
  39. Anne McLaughlin, SNP
  40. John Nicolson, SNP
  41. Simon Baynes, Conservative
  42. Shaun Bailey, Conservative
  43. Matt Warman, Conservative
  44. Alyn Smith, SNP
  45. Kirsty Blackman, SNP
  46. Ronnie Cowan, SNP
  47. Steve Double, Conservative
  48. Danny Kruger, Conservative
  49. Miriam Cates, Conservative
  50. Dave Doogan, SNP
  51. Amy Callaghan, SNP
  52. Robert Goodwill, Conservative
  53. Lia Nici, Conservative
  54. Brendan O’Hara, SNP
  55. Jonathan Gullis, Conservative
  56. Kelly Tolhurst, Conservative
  57. Alan Brown, SNP
  58. Luke Evans, Conservative
  59. Jane Hunt, Conservative
  60. Stephen Flynn, SNP
  61. Ian Levy, Conservative
  62. Mhairi Black, SNP
  63. Richard Thomson, SNP
  64. Kirsten Oswald, SNP
  65. Allan Dorans, SNP
  66. Paul Howell, Conservative
  67. Andrew Lewer, Conservative
  68. Mark Eastwood, Conservative
  69. Marion Fellows, SNP
  70. Hannah Bardell, SNP
  71. Ben Spencer, Conservative
  72. Steven Bonnar, SNP
  73. Vicky Ford, Conservative
  74. Rachel Maclean, Conservative
  75. Philipps Whitford, SNP
  76. Stewart Hosie, SNP
  77. Sally-Ann Hart, Conservative
  78. Stuart C McDonald, SNP
  79. Chris Stephens, SNP
  80. Martin Docherty-Hughes, SNP
  81. Adam Afriyie, Conservative

Note: This article initially reported 33 MPs as having signed the motion, it was updated at 9:10 on 27/2/2024 to reflect the new signatories.

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

Image credit: Diliff – Creative Commons

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