Damning poll reveals what the public really think about the Rwanda scheme

The Rwanda plan isn't popular with the electorate

Home Secretary speaking at an event in front of a sign reading UK Rwanda Partnership

Rishi Sunak has staked his political future on getting the Rwanda scheme off the ground. Under the proposals, asylum seekers who arrive in the UK other than through an existing asylum scheme would be deported to Rwanda where their claim would then be processed.

The scheme has been highly controversial, having been previously ruled as unlawful by the Supreme Court. That’s why the Rwanda Bill currently making its way through parliament is trying to compel judges to treat Rwanda as a safe country and gives ministers the powers to disregard sections of the Human Rights Act.

Despite making it one of their biggest priorities, it turns out that the Tories’ plans aren’t popular with the electorate.

Polling from YouGov found that if Labour were to win the next election, 40% of voters would want Keir Starmer to scrap the plan. That compares to 34% who think it should be kept.

Asking a slightly different question, YouGov more recently found that just one in five voters think the Rwanda scheme should be pushed through in its current form. Again, 40% of the public think it should be scrapped altogether.

So, it turns out, Sunak is ploughing ahead with a plan that has not only been condemned by human rights groups and ruled as unlawful by the courts, but that is also unpopular with the voters. No wonder he is leading his party into political oblivion at the next election…

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

Image credit: UK Government – Creative Commons

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