A million undecided voters believe Brexit has failed and want Labour to pursue closer ties to the EU

In all but one constituency in the UK, more voters said they wanted Keir Starmer to seek a closer UK-EU relationship

Brexit and EU

Party positions on Brexit could play a major role in winning over a million undecided voters at the next general election, a new poll has found.

The poll, carried out for campaign group Best for Britain, found that a million undecided voters could be persuaded to vote Labour, if it pledges to pursue closer ties with the European Union.

The poll findings come at a time when public regret at Brexit is at an all-time high. The latest poll by Best for Britain found that in all but one constituency in the UK, more voters said they wanted Keir Starmer to seek a closer UK-EU relationship, with undecided voters – who will be crucial in the general election – even more critical of Brexit.

With recent data showing that Brexit may leave each Brit up to £2,300 worse off, it’s not surprising that according to the Best for Britain poll, most people feel the Government’s Brexit deal has increased the cost of their weekly shop, reduced the availability of goods and services, made the small boats crisis worse and hampered economic growth. Half said it has restricted their ability to see a doctor (50%).

Nationally, fewer than one in ten want a Labour government to seek greater divergence with the EU.

Naomi Smith, CEO of Best for Britain, said: “Even undecided voters know Brexit has hit them in the pocket and made almost every issue facing Britain worse. Despite their unshakable lead, winning these undecided voters could be the difference between an unprecedented landslide for Labour or a narrow win, particularly when Farage has form in helping the Tories in marginal constituencies even after promising not to.

“That’s why Best for Britain will relaunch GetVoting.org this year to help voters get it right and understand which opposition party is best placed to unseat the Government in their area.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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