The public think everything has got worse under the Tories, a new poll has found

This is absolutely damning

A photo of Rishi Sunak looking at something in a folder

Rishi Sunak’s government gives of the strong odour of failure. From the cost of living crisis to collapsing school buildings and from high interest whacking mortgage holders to shocking NHS waiting lists, there’s a growing sense that Britain under the Tories just isn’t working.

That’s now been reflected in an opinion poll in which Brits have given their damning verdict on 13 years of Tory rule. 58% agree with the statement that “nothing in Britain really works anymore, and 52% agree that “Britain’s best days are behind it”.

The poll, reported first by Byline Times shows that the public think the Tories are failing on almost every major issue. It’s damning stuff. Here are the results:

  • 61% of voters say public services overall have got worse under the Tories
  • 67% say the NHS has got worse under the Tories
  • 54% say schools have got worse under the Tories
  • 49% think crime has increased under the Tories (with just 8% thinking it’s gone down)
  • 53% think the UK is doing worse than other similar countries economically

The poll also has damning figures on perceptions of Sunak himself. 48% of voters say their impression has gone downhill since he became prime minister, with even one in five Tories saying that.

Ouch. No wonder it looks increasingly likely the Tories will be booted out of office come the next election.

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

Image credit: Simon Dawson / Number 10 – Creative Commons

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