Scottish Greens step aside to help SNP beat Tories in three seats

The two parties share views on Brexit and Scottish independence.

The Scottish Green Party has stepped down in three marginal constituencies, in a move that will help the SNP defeat Tory MPs.

The three seats are Perth and North Perthshire, North East Fife and Angus.

Perth and North Pershire is held by the SNP with a small majority over the Lib Dems and Tories.

In North East Fife, the SNP have a small majority over the Conservatives and Angus is a Tory-held seat with the SNP close behind.

The Scottish Greens and SNP both oppose Brexit, support Scottish independence and are both to the left of centre.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the Scottish Green Party said selection processes are run by local branches, who decided for a number of reasons not to stand in these seats. “There was no change of heart, despite what the SNP might say,” the spokesperson added.

The Scottish Green Party is completely seperate to the Green Party of England and Wales – which has stood aside for Labour, Lib Dem and Plaid Cymru candidates in different places.

The Green Party of Northern Ireland is also seperate. It has stood aside in Belfast’s four seats to help various parties unseat the Democratic Unionist Party.

4 Responses to “Scottish Greens step aside to help SNP beat Tories in three seats”

  1. Gary

    Hopefully with SNP being strongly returned in Scotland, predictions have them surging ahead again as they did in 2015, we can lock the Tories out as other parties cooperate in England, Wales and NI too.

    I just hope that if this works Labour will keep their word, as stated when Corbyn & McDonnel were in Edinburgh, to give Scotland a chance at independence as already mandated for. Recently, bowing to pressure, they have been rowing back from this promise and stating that the SNP “need a mandate” This already exists, a majority in Holyrood, passing a vote in Holyrood, and existing 60% of MPs (predicted to rise) and polling at 50% with the public in support of independence now. If that’s not a mandate, nothing is.

    Until this statement people trusted Corbyn & McDonnell, they’re the best thing that happened to Labour in many years. A move to TRUE Labour values away from Blairite values. But those in the PLP’s right wing are the tail trying to wag the dog. If Corbyn succumbs to this then he truly is finished.

    Give us our right to self determination and stand up to the Red Tories in your ranks!

  2. Frances McKie

    Just very very grateful to the Green Party for giving Scotland the chance of getting rid of Tory MPs. The policies of this party from Brexit to Social Justice to the Environment are ghastly.

  3. Mary Murray

    Thank you, Greens. Lots of us will be voting Green after we get Independence. Thank you for helping towards that goal. Might be an idea if you also stand aside to give SNP a chance of defeating Jo Swinson. And to make sure Alyn Smith beats Steven Kerr. Climate change is such a big issue just now, lots of young people may vote for you. This is not the election for this. Your chance is coming in the Scottish elections after Independence.

  4. Julia Gibb

    Credit to the Greens for putting Scotland first. It is in such stark contrast to “Scottish Labour” who prefer to work with the Tories. In 2017 the then leader (Kezia Dugdale) encouraged Labour voters to vote Tory in SNP/Tory marginals.

    Independence needs to be achieved first by unity. Only then can we shape Holyrood and our policies by Party Politics.(Scotland focused Parties)

    The EU remains far more attractive than a Right Wing UK in which we get whatever England decides….Brexit, WMD, a Farage/Johnson wonderland.

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