Bookies shorten odds on Labour majority as three polls show surge

Three straight polls have shown a Labour surge.

Hopes that Labour can form a government have been boosted by three polls which show them narrowing the Conservatives’ poll lead.

Two UK-wide polls suggest that support for Labour has risen over the last week.

A poll from Wales also suggests that, since the start of the election campaign, Labour have overtaken the Tories as the most popular party.

Hopes of a Conservative majority are widely considered to rest on the party picking up seats in Wales, the Midlands and the North of England – to offset probable losses in London, the South-West and Scotland.

Several bookmakers shortened their odds on a Labour majority while lengthening the odds on a Tory majority – although the Conservatives remain strong favourites to form the next government.

Bet365, PaddyPower and Betfred reduced the odds of a Labour majority to between 16/1 and 20/1. The odds of a Tory majority drifted to 4/9. A Labour minority government is at about 5/1.

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9 Responses to “Bookies shorten odds on Labour majority as three polls show surge”

  1. Patrick Newman

    Anymore advance and you will not believe what the military, religious and media establishment will unleash on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour. However, it is difficult to see how the attack by Rabbi Mirvis can be topped. The character assassins may have peaked too early. Surely MI5 can produce ‘evidence’ that Corbyn is a paid Russian spy or worked for the firing squad of the Stasi!

  2. Ray

    Let”s hope Labour don’t improve too much in the polls, we don’t want any terrorist attacks.

  3. Julia Gibb

    The claims by those who support Scottish Independence that the State controlled media actively campaigned against them and that the intelligence service were/are used against them were dismissed by Labour politicians.

    We are now witnessing the most organised attack by the State and media against any political Party. Perhaps people will wake up to reality now. The elite control the media.

    I don’t vote Labour but these recent organised attacks are an outrageous insult to democracy.

  4. Tom Sacold

    Great to see some progress in the polls.

    Remember – We can only implement Jeremy’s socialist manifesto once we are beyond the rules and regulations of the EU’s Single Market and ECJ.

  5. Elizabeth Chell

    It’s surprising that the gap has not been reduced further, but with the dirty tricks campaign on Corbyn’s back and some religious leaders now throwing their weight around, it doesn’t quite feel like a fair fight. After all, when it comes to the abuse of religious minorities Boris Johnson is condemned out of his own mouth.

  6. Barbara Wood

    Not surprising the nasties are ahead in the polls given the BBC and right wing media bias. Changing footage of Johnson to give a more favourable view. Wreathgate, cutting audience laughter when he was asked about truth and now he is refusing to be grilled by Andrew Neil. Kuenssberg tweeting links to Cumming’s blog (since deleted) urging Brexit voters to vote for them. The BBC should not have aired any leaders interviews until they were all in the bag. Johnson’s a slimy little coward backed up by the now corrupt Tory propaganda machine ie the BBC.

  7. paul

    brexit party ftw

  8. Philip j Dutton

    Labour all the way. We need to STOP Johnson. This election is more important than any other in my lifetime and I’m 52. We are on the precipice the Tory Government in power today is NOT the normal Tory party it is the most right wing pro American Government EVER and needs to go. Even if you do not like Corbyn (probably because 85% of the billionaire owned press has pumped out a 4 year propaganda hit on him) you should hold your breath and vote labour. They WILL stop the drip of privatisation of the NHS. That is certain. Nobody can accuse them of lying because Corbyn and this Labour party have never been given a chance!!

    Remember, Johnson said, “No conservative Government would EVER allow a border down the Irish sea.”
    He also recently said, “No conservative Government would EVER allow the sale of the NHS.”

    Well, I for one think he is a serial liar and will say anything to get what he wants. Also, do not forget that these Tory’s are all millionaires and will make Billions from doing the right kind of deals with the Americans.

  9. Marion Bridger

    I’m voting Labour!! Hopefully, they can put the pieces together again and repair the damage the Tories have done. I’m sick of this Government trying to take back money from my Severely disabled Husband and Son who are both wheelchair bound, that 25 and 26yrs ago they were entitled to and suddenly they are not!! Tories have destroyed this Country and the indigenous people are suffering from it. Dying on the streets from cold and hunger! Time to take a stand!!

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