Breastfeeding mothers stage protest at Downing Street on day three of Extinction Rebellion protests

Women breastfeed outside downing street to protest the appallingly inadequate political response to climate change.

Nearly 200 women staged a breastfeeding sit-in outside Downing Street Thursday as part of the ongoing Extinction Rebellion protests.

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion said “This is an action that shows that at the heart of this is the most basic of instincts: to protect our young, the protect the most vulnerable – the next generation.”

Amina, mother of 6, from the All African Women’s Group said “Women are suffering from climate change because as the water and land are polluted and harvests are destroyed then people go hungry. Women are the stronghold and grounding of the family and the country. When the climate changes we work harder fetching water and wood. We are the ones searching for something to eat and if there is nothing then we can’t feed our children including breastfeeding our babies. We create life so if our bodies are polluted then the children we give life to are harmed”.

The Extinction Rebellion protests continue in six sites across Westminster as well as at London City Airport. So far over 600 protestors have been arrested.

Extinction Rebellion claim that the police have escalated their tactics including using police vehicles to intimidate peaceful protestors and excessive use of force when making arrests.

They also claim the police attempted to prevent breastfeeding mothers from walking to 10 Downing St. 

The Metropolitan Police tweeted regarding the restrictions in place

Left Foot Forward has contacted the Metropolitan Police for further comment.

Emma Burnell is a freelance journalist and consultant.

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  1. Tom Sacold

    For an interesting interview on the utter nuttiness of Extinction Rebellion take a look at the Andrew Neil interview with one of the organisers, Zion Lights

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