We did it: ‘Vote of confidence’ in progressive media as LFF hits target

Over 200 of you chipped in to get us over the line

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We’ve done it: 237 of you have chipped in to raise over £10,000 to help build a better media.

Over the past few weeks we’ve outlined how we’ve consistently reported on climate change and environmental campaigning – when major outlets looked the other way. We reported on the big often-ignored questions of the Brexit debate, from workers’ rights to public services. And we showed that we are a platform for voices across the left: new voices, diverse voices and those on the sidelines.

We put out the call, and readers have responded with a vote of confidence in our progressive journalism.

I thought I’d share something amusing: on Monday night, an Institute of Economic Affairs staffer demanded that we publish our funding. We’d been reporting on their opposition to the government’s junk food ad ban, which would limit junk food advertising aimed at kids. LFF writers have previously argued the BBC should refuse to host the IEA if they refuse to disclose their corporate funders.

Yes, the wealthy right-wing group given an ‘E’ rating for a lack of transparency believe grassroots platforms must open up. So we have thrown down the gauntlet: we’ve published all donors who give over £500.

There’s only one – matched funding provided by Betterworld. Will the IEA do the same?

But there’s a serious point here. The right-wing ideologues simply don’t get it: they don’t understand collectivism: how we’re a media movement made up of hundreds of people contributing small donations. This fundraiser has offered a glimpse of what hundreds of people can do together.

Raising this £10,000 will keep Left Foot Forward producing hard-hitting, campaigning journalism. But to sustain our work in the long run, we need more people to sign up for £5 a month and become LFF supporters.

This campaign has been a vote for reporting that won’t be cowed by the likes of right-wing lobby groups. To keep reporting on austerity, climate change and workers’ rights.

There’s no rest for the committed: we’ll be continuing our work to build a better media. Thanks again to all those who’ve supported the campaign, shared this and chipped in. In a depressing media landscape, we’re looking onwards and upwards.

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  1. Patrick Newman

    ASI and the TPA are of the same ilk.

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