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Party splits, Windrush 2.0 and 'No Way Galloway'...

5. “Thousands sign petition demanding splitter MPs ‘put it to the people’ and trigger by-elections”

Calls are growing for the 11 ‘splitter’ Independent Group MPs to put their case to voters and trigger by-elections…

4. “How the Tories’ new Immigration Bill will extend the hostile environment”

Could a no deal Brexit result in Windrush 2.0? The Home Office has been described as ‘riding roughshod’ over EU nationals’ rights. If EU citizens fail to secure their status, that situation could get much worse, argues migration writer Jack Gevertz.

3. “Campaign launched to stop George Galloway rejoining Labour”

In the same breath as announcing he’s tried to rejoin the Labour party, George Galloway compared opposition to anti-Semitism in the Labour party to Nazism.

It’s no surprise that a campaign has now been launched to stop the former Respect party MP from rejoining the Labour party…

2. “Liam Fox’s desperate dash for trade deals is in absolute tatters”

Unite’s Tony Burke rips apart the International Trade Secretary’s handling of the government’s search for trade agreements after Brexit.

1. “Greens are conflicted over how to respond to the Labour split”

In at number one this week: With a wide range of views in the Green Party over Labour’s left-wing shift in recent years, there was considerable debate between Green leadership figures and activists over whether the Labour split was a disaster or an opportunity.

Does it mark the ‘death rattle’ of centrism, or the key to political reform?

Don’t expect that question to die away in the coming weeks…

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