Tired of (paranormal) experts? You won’t like the Conservatives’ new MEP…

The Tories' new East Midlands MEP Rupert Matthews is yet more evidence we live in strange times. Supernatural times, even...

Politics has been nothing this past two years if not a tale of the strange and unexpected.

So with Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations are in full swing, who better to help her get her head around the mysterious forces in Brussels than the Conservatives’ new MEP – a paranormal expert.

Rupert Matthews took up his seat yesterday in the European Parliament, replacing Andrew Lewer – now the MP for Northampton South. Of course, East Midlands voters had no say over Rupert Matthews taking over (it’s a closed list). But they may want to know a few things about him.

As this site reported in 2011 – when Matthews took over from the rather unsavoury Roger Helmer –the once-more-MEP has an interesting past. And our magic ball predicts an interesting future.

Talks he has given include:

King Arthur – Rupert’s controversial theory is that there not only was a real King Arthur, but that he was crucial to the development of Britain as it is today.

Your Local Ghosts – What real ghosts are like – a talk adapted to your local area.

Yeti! – Are the legendary man-apes of the world real?

In all fairness though, the Prime Minister may be calling on his talents. According to his LinkedIn: “He has never missed a deadline.” Useful given the two year timescale to secure the workings of both departure and a deal…

Although given that he was the National Nominating Officer for the Conservative-shunned Grassroots Out campaign during the EU referendum, he may not be in her best books.

But the last word on the matter really has to be this:

“I’ve researched ghosts, poltergeists, UFOs and various other phenomenon. I’ve compiled reports and my findings have been published.”

Quite a CV to represent East Midlands voters on crucial policy details around Brexit…

We look forward to his European Parliamentary speeches. Strange days indeed…

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