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From union wins to fracking: our top articles on Left Foot Forward.

It’s been a good couple of weeks for the left. From Wales scrapping most of the Tories’ hated anti-union law, to the most significant union victory of the decade – you get a sense that the tide is turning.

We’re here to provide a space for the good news – and to hold feet to the fire when the right are trying to turn back the clocks on progress.

In that spirit, here’s our top five most-read articles this week:

1. Is the Supreme Court about to rule tribunal fees are illegal?

Darren Newman – an expert on employment law – shone some light on this landmark case before the enormous decision came in: a decision that resulted in tribunal fees being ruled unlawful.

He argued:

“If Unison’s challenge over the legality of the Employment Tribunal (ET) fee system succeeds tomorrow morning, it will be one of the most dramatic judicial interventions in government policy in the history of employment law.”

It was. Read the full piece here.

2. The campaign against a secretive NHS sell-off is growing

Earlier this week we continued our reporting of the campaign against the privatisation of NHS Professionals. It’s the privatisation you probably didn’t hear about until you read it here.

We’re proud to have drawn attention to this scandal – and the good news that the government now has a fight on its hands over it.

3. Despite new rules the UK will continue to be a haven for money laundering. Here’s why

The UK’s company regulation is not fit for purpose, Prem Sikka revealed this week.

Italian investigators noted that a mafia company director registered in the UK with the name “Il Ladro di Galline”. It translates into English as “The Chicken Thief”. He stated his occupation to be “Truffatore” – “Fraudster”. Companies House didn’t bat an eyelid – it only makes rudimentary checks.

It’s no wonder that since 2007, only five people have been convicted of money laundering.

Read the full story.

4. Tribunal fees to be scrapped following Unison Supreme Court challenge

What a win. Following a four year court battle by Unison, no one will have to pay to challenge mistreatment by bosses.

Not only that, but everyone who had to fork out will be repaid.

We gave a full account of the victory here.

5. North Wales Police are pulling officers out of Lancashire fracking protest

In another win for campaigners, North Wales police declined requests to send more officers to anti-fracking protests in Lancashire.

Why? The elected commissioner said the fracking company should “pay for their own security.” It’s a powerful sign that electing the right people makes a big difference.

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