Scottish Labour just one point behind Conservatives

Theresa May's approval slides 15 points in three weeks

The Labour surge has reached Scotland, according to the latest YouGov/Times poll, which puts the party just one point behind Ruth Davidson’s Conservatives.

The poll puts the SNP on 42 per cent (-1), the Conservatives on 26 per cent (-3), Labour on 25 per cent (+6) and the Lib Dems on six per cent (no change).

Jeremy Corbyn’s approval rating has also climbed from -36 to -5, while Theresa May has the worst rating of any leader among Scots, sliding 15 points over three weeks to -32.

According to these vote shares, the Times estimates that Labour would increase its number of seats from one to three — gaining Edinburgh Northern and Leith & East Renfrewshire. The Conservatives would climb to seven and the Lib Dems to three. The SNP would retain 46 seats.

Also today, a Survation/GMB poll put Labour just one point behind the Conservatives nationally.

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3 Responses to “Scottish Labour just one point behind Conservatives”

  1. Tony

    I certainly hope that the Conservatives gain no seats at all in Scotland.

    Is that a recent picture of ‘Rape Clause’ Ruth? She does not look too happy.

  2. uglyfatbloke

    The Tories will make gains and Kezia & Co will be delighted to have helped them.

  3. Juteman

    Surely the headline should be, ‘British Labour only one point behind the Ruth Davidson No Surrender Party?’
    According to the leaflets I’ve seen, the Tories aren’t mentioned, so I don’t think they are standing in this election.

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