Scottish Labour just one point behind Conservatives

Theresa May's approval slides 15 points in three weeks

The Labour surge has reached Scotland, according to the latest YouGov/Times poll, which puts the party just one point behind Ruth Davidson’s Conservatives.

The poll puts the SNP on 42 per cent (-1), the Conservatives on 26 per cent (-3), Labour on 25 per cent (+6) and the Lib Dems on six per cent (no change).

Jeremy Corbyn’s approval rating has also climbed from -36 to -5, while Theresa May has the worst rating of any leader among Scots, sliding 15 points over three weeks to -32.

According to these vote shares, the Times estimates that Labour would increase its number of seats from one to three — gaining Edinburgh Northern and Leith & East Renfrewshire. The Conservatives would climb to seven and the Lib Dems to three. The SNP would retain 46 seats.

Also today, a Survation/GMB poll put Labour just one point behind the Conservatives nationally.

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