Guido Fawkes posts repulsive sexist tweet about Diane Abbott

The shadow home secretary has faced constant abuse during the election campaign

One of the most disturbing aspects of this general election campaign has been the open bullying of Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, by online trolls, the mainstream media and even senior Conservative Party politicians.

But Paul Staines, founder of the political gutter blog Guido Fawkes, hit a new low last night with a disgusting and abusive tweet from his blog’s primary account.

Guido has built its reputation on cheap shock tactics, but even we’re surprised that they’re willing to so clearly display their true racist, misogynist colours.

It speaks to the extent to which sexual harassment of female politics — particularly those from minority groups — has become the norm in British politics.

Image via @GuidoFawkes

10 Responses to “Guido Fawkes posts repulsive sexist tweet about Diane Abbott”

  1. GordieRee

    Diane is a fine person, full of love for all life on earth. But she is not doing any favours to the attempt by the Labour Party to get elected. Diane has ceased to be a good TV Performer. She should be on the bench, not on the park where the Tory defense can get the ball back and start another attack. (Translate in to non-football-speak if it helps).

  2. John

    That bloke she’s with is ugly as 🙂

  3. Dave Roberts

    Another own goal from Left Foot Forward. Diane Abbott is a racist by any standards. This is a gentle piss take and if you can’t take it don’t give it. She asks for this kind of thing constantly and it’s only a site like this that thinks there is anything wrong with it.

  4. John


    There is a left-wing Facebook group entitled ‘Guido Fawkes was the last person to enter parliament with honest intentions’

    Please also address the offensive nature of this historic reference there


  5. Spud

    Good analysis on how Labour would do in the election.

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