Guido Fawkes posts repulsive sexist tweet about Diane Abbott

The shadow home secretary has faced constant abuse during the election campaign

One of the most disturbing aspects of this general election campaign has been the open bullying of Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, by online trolls, the mainstream media and even senior Conservative Party politicians.

But Paul Staines, founder of the political gutter blog Guido Fawkes, hit a new low last night with a disgusting and abusive tweet from his blog’s primary account.

Guido has built its reputation on cheap shock tactics, but even we’re surprised that they’re willing to so clearly display their true racist, misogynist colours.

It speaks to the extent to which sexual harassment of female politics — particularly those from minority groups — has become the norm in British politics.

Image via @GuidoFawkes

10 Responses to “Guido Fawkes posts repulsive sexist tweet about Diane Abbott”

  1. Fred

    Can you explain exactly how that’s racist?

  2. wg

    We have seen the mis-described ‘Progressives’ smear and demonise the white working class of the UK as knuckle-dragging bigots; especially since they voted for democracy in a referendum.

    Ms Abbott has made several anti-white statements herself.

    People and glass houses….. I would suggest.

  3. There_Can_Be_Only_One

    I’ve seen far worse involving Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd to name but a few, that have bandied about by Labour supporters! But it’s only ‘racist’ / ‘sexist’ / ‘obscene’ if it’s ANTI left-wing isn’t it?
    Ms Abbott (I refuse to lower myself to the left-wing tactic of only using surnames or ‘nasty’ nicknames) herself is one of the most vociferous racists I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across. However, I hope that she and Mr Corbyn remain in their current party positions for a long time to come – they’re the best thing that happened to the Conservative Party in ages :-).

  4. Tony

    Guido Fawkes is named in honour of someone who would have blown up a large number of people. In addition, there could well have been a backlash that would have meant terrible pogroms against Catholics.

    At the same time, it attacks Corbyn for having met members of Sinn Fein!

  5. Pav

    One doesn’t meet to be genius, to say that Diana Abbott isn’t very asset to the Labour. Her position can be resonating with the Labour, as many people resonate with it, but this doesn’t make her to be made any more gifted than she actually is, and whether she would be a man or woman doesn’t make any difference to who she is,as polititians,how she speaks. Her personal unpopularity doesn’t decrease popularity of current Labour in the view of many people clever enough to base the opinion on policies, this is simply going side by side with Abbott’ s ( in my opinion many times truly dull) comments,not very educated even on the topics, she should be a leader in within the Labour Party. This is why I agree,that she is not capable to be a good Home Secretary ( and while this is my opinion, I have not much power to decide,who would be a Home Secretary, as voter, I would just perceive as stupid decision to let her be appointed for any such role. Abbott has already reached limits of her capability. ( similarly, B Johnson, for example, but that’s another topic from this discussion about Abbott)

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