Conservative lead narrows to three points in latest poll

Corbyn enjoys highest ever leadership approval ratings

Labour have pulled even closer to the Conservatives, according to YouGov’s latest voter intention poll, closing the gap to just three points.

The poll puts the Conservatives on 42 per cent (-1) to Labour’s 39 (+3), the closest margin recorded by any pollster so far in the campaign. It comes a day after a new YouGov model predicted a hung parliament, with the Tories remaining the biggest party but falling 15 seats short of a majority.

The ‘best prime minister’ numbers also indicate that the race is shifting. Although Theresa May still holds the lead, with 42 per cent of respondents backing her as prime minister, this is her lowest rating so far. Meanwhile, Corbyn is up to 30 per cent, his strongest ever performance.

All the major pollsters are showing a dramatically tightening race, although the Conservatives are still ahead by all estimates.

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2 Responses to “Conservative lead narrows to three points in latest poll”

  1. Alasdair Macdonald

    As ever, we have to be careful about laying too much store on one poll – margin of error, wording of questions, assuming uniform swing, ‘shy’ Tories, ‘push polling’ etc.

    We also have to remember who owns YouGov.

  2. Will

    T. May seems somewhat petrified every time she has to speak in front of a camera. She appears to physically shake and her voice trembles if she has to answer an un-vetted question—a bit like a string puppet really. I feel that her time as PM is very limited. Even if she wins the election there will be an awful lot of her so called colleagues ready to force her out. I am hoping that the electorate will do the job next thursday and then GB may become a much nicer place to live without all the resentment caused by the lies and selfishness of the rotten Tory Party.

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