Theresa May is less trusted among LGBT voters than any other major party leader

Labour holds clear lead among LGBT voters, according to Pink News poll

LGBT voters are are throwing their weight behind Labour, a new poll of Pink News readers has found. Of 1,012 respondents, 44 per cent intended to vote for Labour while 32 per cent back the Conservatives.

Theresa May seems to be a liability among LGBT voters. The same poll suggests she is the second-least trusted leader on LGBT issues, with only Paul Nuttall getting worse ratings. Green Party leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley were most trusted followed by Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron.

Tory minister Justine Greening tried to rehabilitate the PM’s reputation at last night’s LGBT hustings in London, giving May the credit for legislation on same-sex marriage and anti-hate crime legislation.

However, Greening didn’t address the prime minister’s patchy voting record on LGBT issues. Under previous Tory leaders, May voted against equalising the age of consent and against equal adoption rights.

Additionally, May’s opposition to the Human Rights Act and pursuit of a hard Brexit concerns many LGBT voters, who fear that their rights and protections will not be safeguarded by the Conservatives.

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