Over seven million Brits won’t have the option of voting for a woman in the general election

One constituency has an all-female ballot


Voters in 104 constituencies around the country will be faced with an all-male ballot paper on 8 June, new BBC research has found.

This is a slight improvement from 2015, when 124 seats were contested only by men but still leaving approximately 7.5m Brits without the option of voting for a woman.

All of the party’s are fielding significantly more men than women. Just 28 per cent of Conservatives candidates are female compared to 40 per cent of Labour candidates. The Liberal Democrat lineup is 29 per cent female, the Green lineup 36 per cent, the SNP 34 per cent and Plaid Cymru 28 per cent.

UKIP unsurprisingly bring up the rear — just 13 per cent of their candidates are women.

Just one constituency, Glasgow Central, has four women on the ballot.

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