Labour sees massive rebound in Wales

Previous polls had suggest major Tory gains

The latest Welsh barometer poll shows a huge reversal in the positions of Labour and the Conservatives, with Labour up nine points and the Tories down seven.

Previous polling had suggested that the Conservatives were about to make a historic breakthrough in Wales, seizing a slew of seats from Labour and sending more Welsh MPs to Westminster than any other party. However, if these numbers are accurate, only a single seat will change hands — as Labour take Gower back from the Conservatives.

This astonishing reversal confirms the broader impression that Labour is successfully fighting back against Theresa May nationally and in Wales.

Professor Roger Scully of the Welsh Governance Centre, writes about the results:

“While short-term factors may account for some of what we see in this latest Barometer poll, it does appear that after the extraordinary success of the Conservative party at the beginning of the election campaign, they are losing some ground to Labour.

At least for the moment, Labour seem to be winning the campaign, if not the election as a whole. That is particularly true in Wales.

The recent local elections showed the resilience of the Welsh Labour party. A party does not dominate the politics of a nation for nearly a century, as Labour have done in Wales, simply by accident. Challenged strongly by the Conservatives in this election, Labour seem to be fighting back strongly.”

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