Just 13 per cent of British Jews are planning to vote for Labour

Conservatives enjoy overwhelming support among Jewish voters


More than three-quarters of British Jews are planning to vote for the Conservatives in next month’s general election, according to new Survation polling for the Jewish Chronicle, while just 13 per cent are planning to vote for Labour.

This is an increase from 8.5 per cent last May, when Survation asked the same question shortly after a series of high-profile incidents of antisemitism within the party. However, it is down from 2015, when 18 per cent of British Jews said they would vote for Labour under Ed Miliband.

Among the 515 people questioned, Labour was also identified as having more of a problem with antisemitism than the Conservatives, the Lib Dems or UKIP. The Jewish Chronicle reports that:

“Asked to place the parties on a scale from one to five, with one meaning there are ‘low levels of antisemitism among the political party’s members and elected representatives’ and 5 representing ‘high levels’, Jews put Labour at 3.94 out of five.”

More than half (54 per cent) of those not voting for Labour said they would be more likely to support the party if someone other than Jeremy Corbyn was leader.

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5 Responses to “Just 13 per cent of British Jews are planning to vote for Labour”

  1. Sandy Stark

    You disgust me. So many Jewish people on Twitter saying they support JC. Not only that, Labour has a manifesto that has enthused people so that more and more are saying they are voting Labour instead of Conservative and we would not have had that Manifesto without Corbyn and McDonnell. But you – you carry on your sneaky little undermining ways because you don’t want Labour to win, you just want to get rid of Corbyn. That’s even though the polls are showing that against all the media shit, against all the undermining of him by the Blairites and even after the 24 point lead the Tories had – WE STAND A CHANCE OF WINNING! So you dont give a shit about the people suffering under the Tories, you just want to carry on with your stupid little game of undermining Corbyn. Never mind the sick, the poor, the disabled, the lack of educational prospects, the cost of going to uni, transport costs, nationalisation of the NHS etc etc etc. You just concentrate on hoping that the Blairites will get back in power. Well, they won’t! The Labour Party and the electorate are sick to death of Labour being Tory lite and JC has energised them in a way you could never achieve.

  2. George Kennard

    Spot on Sandy Stark. If Corbyn succeeds, it will be in spite of so many who purport to support the Labour cause, including those Blairite MPs, for whom I have nothing but contempt. They have done their utmost to see that Labour presents itself as a divided party, for which they well know nobody is thought to vote. Militant Tendency, which the like of them are keen to condemn, never did anything like the harm they have done. Let them join the Tories where they belong.

  3. Sandy Stark

    Thank you. They damn well annoy me so much, my fingers itch to give them a good shake. So many are relying on us and they still come out with rubbish to play their sneaky little game. Shame on them, and shame on others that do it.

  4. Barry Gilheany

    Perhaps Sandy and George you might wish to reflect on why Labour seems to have such a problem with the Jewish demographic. Btw I want Labour to win as much as the next person.

  5. Sandy Stark

    Because many in Labour have the guts to say that what the Israeli Government is doing in Palestine is not only illegal but inhuman. The media have used that to cast accusations of anti semitism. It isn’t. Many people in Israel fight against what the Israeli Government is doing and are targetted because of it. We do those Israelis a huge disservice if we allow ourselves to be intimated by the slur of anti semitism.

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