Daily Express and LEAVE.EU share fake RAF missile photo after Manchester attack

Fake news


A doctored image purporting to show the words ‘Love from Manchester’ scrawled on an RAF missile headed towards an ISIS target has been widely shared online, including by the Daily Express and the LEAVE.EU campaign group.

Conservative commentator Tim Montgomerie also tweeted the image, but has since deleted it.

The Express connects the images with those that appeared after the terrorist attack on Paris in 2015 — of US hellfire missiles marked ‘From Paris, With Love’.

However, just as the Paris images were almost certainly fake, so too are the Manchester ones.

 Britain already has quite enough to deal with. This is no time for fake news.

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4 Responses to “Daily Express and LEAVE.EU share fake RAF missile photo after Manchester attack”

  1. Fred

    If there’s one thing that’s fake it’s the BBC’s reporting and the Labour Party’s propaganda

    1. They won’t use the words Islamic or Muslim even though everyone knows that the Koran is used as justification for these attacks and that the geographical links are to Middle Eastern muslim countries.

    2. They try to create this dominant narrative of ‘communties have united against hate’ with people making heart-shapes in the air and lighting candles, when the reality is that people are angry and want real action. You never see that latter group being interviewed.

    3. They like to portray Islamic terrorists as crazy lone-wolves, when the reality is that they clearly have a wide support network. In the Manchester case, it’s several members of the killer’s own family. In addition, that one small area of Manchester has produced at least 16 jihadis.

    4. They never acknowledge that it’s anything to do with immigration, or multiculturalism, even though the killer’s own family were immigrants from Libya and freely travelled between the UK and the Middle East.

    5. They liken it to the case of the Jo Cox murder, but the Jo Cox murderer neither had a support network, nor came from an area that had produced other terrorists, nor had links to other terrorists, nor was done citing any religious text.

    This is a deliberate attempt to build a whitewashed narrative to water down the truth of Islamic Terrorism because they would rather not offend Muslims than they would safeguard our children.

    It’s exactly what happened in Rotherham. Left wing political correctness and moral cowardice put before the safety of children.

  2. Fred

    In addition, the RAF has now confirmed that the photo is indeed genuine.


    So once again, it’s the Left peddling fake news.

  3. Lewis

    It has been confirmed real by the RAF, so this article is comical at best; “Britain already has quite enough to deal with. This is no time for fake news.” – oh, the irony.

  4. Martyn

    Oh, so we are bombing other countries are we? Tho’ we never get to read much about that – or about the civilian casualties. Currently estimated at 10,000 in Yemen where Saudi military are aided and abetted by arms exports and military assistance from the UK. puerile messages on missiles don’t excuse the killing they cause.

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