The Sun attacks Spain over Gibralatar…below an ad for Spanish holidays

Another devastating blow to the Eurocrats

Theresa May is attempting to soothe tensions with Spain after an embarrassing spat over Gibraltar, but the Sun is having none of it.

‘UP YOURS SENORS’ their headline shrieks at the ‘meddling leaders’ of Spain and the EU. This is a self-referential pun, echoing the paper’s ‘UP YOURS DELORS’ front page, published in 1990.

(Yes, you read that right. The editors at the Sun are still laughing at their own 27-year-old jokes.)

But the tough message is undermined somewhat by a front page advert for European holidays — in France, Italy, Holland, Croatia, Austria…and Spain!

The Sun has really shown those ‘meddling leaders’. There’s nothing Europeans hate more than people coming to their countries and supporting their economies.

Although, if you are hoping to take one of those holidays to Spain, it’s probably best to do it before April 2019, when Brexit (sponsored by the Sun) could make it a lot more difficult.

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