WATCH: UKIP-linked Polish MEP says women should be paid less because they’re ‘less intelligent’

Nigel Farage did a deal with the Polish far-right to secure UKIP funding


In a European Parliament debate on the pay gap this week, far-right Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke said that women ‘must earn less than men because they are weaker, they are smaller, they are less intelligent.’

Spanish socialist MEP Iratxe Garcia-Perez hit back at Korwin-Mikke. ‘I know you’re very upset and very concerned about the fact we women can represent citizens on an equal footing with you,’ she said furiously. ‘I think I need to defend European women against men like you.’

The video has been widely shared by outlets in the UK and across Europe. But few have drawn attention to the fact that, in 2014, UKIP happily did a deal with Korwin-Mikke’s Congress of the New Right in order to secure its own funding.

To gain official recognition, a parliamentary group must have 25 members from seven countries. At the time, UKIP’s European alliance — Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) — was one person short.

With Korwin-Mikke’s agreement, a Congress of the New Right MEP joined the group, unlocking a million pounds of funding for UKIP alone.

Back then, the party leader was already well-known for his misogynist statements and Holocaust denial, although it was before the time that he was suspended from the parliament for performing a Nazi salute during a debate on migration.

Korwin-Mikke’s colleague, Robert Iwaszkiewicz, remains a member and vice-chair of EPDD.

Shouldn’t the group’s president — one Nigel Farage — reconsider the alliance following Korwin-Mikke’s latest outburst?

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