Sorry, what? George Osborne appointed editor of London Evening Standard

The former chancellor will stay on as MP for Tatton


Did you think this week couldn’t get any stranger? You were wrong.

George Osborne has been announced as the new editor of the Evening Standard, and will stay on as MP for Tatton. Because nothing says rigorous, independent journalism like hiring a deeply ideological former chancellor.

And nothing says political integrity like taking on an extremely taxing full-time job while still claiming to represent your constituents.

Evgeny Lebedev, who owns the paper, commented:

“I am proud to have an editor of such substance, who reinforces The Standard’s standing and influence in London and whose political viewpoint – socially liberal and economically pragmatic – closely matches that of many of our readers. George is London through and through and I am confident he is the right person to build on the fantastic legacy of Sarah Sands.”

Osborne issued the following statement:

“I am proud to be a Conservative MP, but as editor and leader of a team of dedicated and independent journalists, our only interest will be to give a voice to all Londoners. We will be fearless as a paper fighting for their interests. We will judge what the government, London’s politicians and the political parties do against this simple test: is it good for our readers and good for London? If it is, we’ll support them. If it isn’t, we’ll be quick to say so.

So much is now at stake about the future of our country and its capital city. I will remain in Parliament, where that future is debated. I was elected by my constituents in Tatton to serve them and I intend to fulfil that promise. I remain passionate about the Northern Powerhouse and will continue to promote that cause. Right from the first speech I gave about the North of England, I’ve said that London needs a successful north and the north benefits from its links to a global city like London. It’s not a zero-sum game, but quite the opposite.”

While the massive conflicts of interest should be at the forefront of our minds, it’s also worth noting that there’s no evidence Osborne will be anything other than a terrible journalist.

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6 Responses to “Sorry, what? George Osborne appointed editor of London Evening Standard”

  1. Clive

    Hasn’t Lebedov just slashed the wages, and reduced the hours of its journalists? That following the posting the day before of 3 million profit. Surely it wasn’t in order to buy the Chancellor? That would be just so, well, satirical.

  2. Craig Mackay

    So pleased for George! Clearly £300,000 per month (according to the Guardian, November 2016) from talks plus £74,000 per year from being an MP does leave the chap really rather short. It is a shame, though, that an MP treats the job as a sort of zero hours contract to be filled in elsewhere.

    An income from his parents wallpaper company does help a bit.

  3. Will

    How on Earth can this pig-headed ignoramous think that he is capable of properly representing 100% of the people of Tatton in Westminster while also working as editor of the London Evening Standard?
    No doubt he will be spouting his vile policys across the front pages and then pretending to be impartial at the same time. Politics in GB is completely riddled with self-serving, arrogant, power seeking hypocrites from the very top down. This is farcical beyond belief.

  4. John

    Oligarchs love their pet toffs don’t they?

    You will have to go a long way to find a better illustration of what’s wrong with British a) politics, b) newspapers and, especially, c) society.

    Aside from the political influence vs journalism stuff has there ever been such a shameless example of profiteering whilst still being an MP? I get all the stuff about putting assets or businesses in blind trusts but isn’t being paid, and the likelihood of coercion that comes with that, even worse?

    Genuinely gobsmacked when I thought my gob was no longer smackable.

  5. Stan

    I don’t suppose this will surprise anyone. How many jobs does he have now?! If you want a funny take on it I recommend this piece on Osborne taking on a 26th job as an Uber driver

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