Government staves off Dubs challenge – with just three Tories voting to protect child refugees

So much for a Conservative rebellion


MPs have voted to go ahead with scrapping the Dubs scheme for child refugees, by 287 votes to 267.

Heidi Allen’s amendment would have required councils to identify their capacity to house child refugees. But despite earlier claims that up to 30 Tories would rebel and support the amendment, just three eventually walked through the No lobby — Nicky Morgan, Tania Mathias and Allen herself.

The government announced the closure of the Dubs route for child refugees in February, after just 350 children have been relocated under its terms rather than the thousands expected.

Despite a storm of criticism from across the political spectrum, the government has refused to budge on the issue, insisting in a written statement that ‘the UK should be proud of its overall contribution.’

Campaigners from across the political spectrum have slammed the decision.

Following this afternoon’s vote, opposition MPs have expressed deep disappointment, and criticised Tory MPs for refusing to step up.

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