UKIP donor threatens to quit and ‘destroy’ the party if he’s not made chairman

Arron Banks's toys have officially left the pram


The UKIP collapse continues. Millionaire donor Arron Banks has has given Paul Nuttall a stark ultimatum: make me party chairman or I walk.

Speaking to the Sunday ExpressBanks said the party was being run like a ‘jumble sale’ and insisted he would be the man to fix it. He said that if Nuttall didn’t comply, he would establish a rival political movement that would ‘destroy’ UKIP.

“I am giving Paul Nuttall an ultimatum that either I become Chairman and sort out UKIP by bringing in business people and professionals to make it electable or I am out of there.

“The party cannot continue to be run like a jumble sale. If Nuttall doesn’t professionalise it and toss out the likes of Douglas Carswell and the rest of the Tory cabal then the party is finished anyway.

“These dullards aren’t bringing in Tory votes, Stoke proved that. So what are they for? The party now needs to bring in serious people to fix its ramshackle administration, stay relevant and stay radical or it will die.”

Banks — an insurance broker, diamond mine owner and self-appointed man of the people — has donated upwards of eight million pounds to anti-EU causes, including UKIP and, of which he is a co-founder.

He is well-known for his tantrums, most recently insisting that he was ‘sick to death’ of hearing about Hillsborough.

His latest rant traps Nuttall between a rock and a hard place. While the party, already in crisis, can’t afford to lose supporters, appointing Banks as chairman would, of course, confirm that the UKIP has become a tin pot organisation, tied to the whims of its donors.

Meanwhile, party grandee Nigel Farage is doing what he does best: awkwardly trailing around after Donald Trump.

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4 Responses to “UKIP donor threatens to quit and ‘destroy’ the party if he’s not made chairman”

  1. Julia Gibb

    Sorry to go off topic. However the attack by a “Labour” Mayor of London on those who believe in an Independent Scotland deserves mention. The Labour Parties blind support for Imperial nationalism is OK?

    A quote from Gandhi who also led a peaceful campaign against the Imperial rule of London:

    “Violent nationalism, otherwise known as imperialism, is the curse. Non-violent nationalism is necessary condition of civilised life”.

    If we remain in the UK / Brexit / UKIP / Tory Imperial state how does that help Scotland?

  2. Jimmy Glesga

    Scotland does well being subsidised by the English taxpayer. The EU would not be so kind. Think of Greece.

  3. patrick newman

    It looks as if Arron Banks is well ahead in the stakes to become the Veruca Salt of British politics – “I want it and I want it now”!

  4. Mike Gregory

    Oh mu God! So, this is politics? It is worst than I imagine!

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