UKIP donor Arron Banks is ‘sick to death’ of hearing about Hillsborough

'Sometimes life is unfair and accidents happen'


UKIP’s biggest donor has decided that the best way to contain the Paul Nuttall Hillsborough story is to claim that Hillsborough doesn’t matter anyway.

In one of his trademark tweet rants, Arron Banks said he was ‘sick to death’ of hearing about the disaster, before repeatedly insisting the tragedy — in which 96 people were unlawfully killed through gross negligence — was ‘an awful accident at a football ground, that’s it’.

Not satisfied with the hole he had already dug for himself, Banks then decided to brush off the deliberate, multi-agency cover-up by pointing out that ‘it was the 80s’.

Then, deciding it was time to put the whole thing to bed, Banks accused those criticising him of becoming ‘hysterical’ and pointed out that ‘life is unfair’ which, as the billionaire owner of multiple diamond mines, he knows better than most.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Banks has crudely diminished a violent tragedy, or attacked those who demand justice.

Two months ago, he accused Brendan Cox — husband of the murdered Jo Cox — of ‘politicising’ her death.

Arron Banks: keeping it classy.

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