Michael Gove squirms when quizzed about Murdoch and Trump

Did someone put Rupert in a corner?


When former everything minister Michael Gove signed up for an interview for the Christian Today website, he probably wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition.

But the MP for Pompous and Climb began to squirm like a naughty schoolboy when quizzed about Rupert Murdoch sitting in on Gove’s Times interview with Donald Trump.

As Christian Today‘s James Macintyre reports:

“Gove is careful not to confirm or deny Murdoch’s presence. ‘I haven’t said anything about who was and wasn’t in – um,’ – he trails off.

‘The best thing to say I think, in fairness is, um [long pause] in securing the interview, I think the fact that it was the Times newspaper and the fact that we had the – what’s the word…

I think [pause] it’s probably better for me not to go into how the interview arose or how it came about but I think it’s entirely fair for people to make a set of conclusions or assumptions about that.

I won’t comment on them if you don’t mind…I haven’t said anything about it at this stage.'”

Elsewhere in the piece he rules out becoming editor of the Times, and says he ‘probably should never have run’ for Tory leader, adding that his old rival Theresa May is doing the job ‘better I think than I would have done’.

Read the whole thing on Christian Today here.

Adam Barnett is staff writer for Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter @AdamBarnett13 

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