Brexit: 55 per cent believe that Leave vote will break up UK

The survey also suggests Remain would win if the referendum were held today

A majority believe that Scotland will become independent within a decade thanks to Brexit, according to a new survey.

Across the UK, 54.7 per cent of respondents said the vote to Leave would cause Britain to break up, while 56 per cent of Scottish respondents said the same.

The Google survey gathered the responses of 44,000 readers from across the Trinity Mirror newspaper group, which includes the Daily Mirror, the Daily Recordthe Liverpool Echo, the Manchester Evening News and a string of other regional publications.

While the accuracy of such polls is subject to question, the mass response does offer interesting insights into public opinion post-Brexit.

The results also suggest that growing numbers of Leave voters regret their decision, and that if the referendum were held again the result would be reversed with 51 per cent voting Remain and 49 per cent voting Leave.

Additionally, only a narrow majority of 51.3 per cent oppose holding a second referendum.

Asked which leaders had performed best post-Brexit, Theresa May topped the list with 30.8 per cent, followed by:

Nicola Sturgeon: 19.2 per cent

Leanne Wood: 16.7 per cent

Ruth Davidson: 16.2 per cent

Nigel Farage: 14.8 per cent

Jeremy Corbyn: 11 per cent

Tim Farron: 8.9 per cent

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