WATCH: Labour MPs demand that Johnson ‘have the guts to speak out’ on Muslim ban

Yvette Cooper and Dennis Skinner slammed the UK government's complicity


Boris Johnson struggled to respond in the Commons yesterday, as strings of MPs from both sides of the house slammed the government’s lack of  the House of Commons.

Yvette Cooper demanded that the foreign secretary, for the sake of history, ‘have the guts to speak out’.

She said:

“This is not just about the impact on British citizens. One of our closest allies has chosen to ban refugees and target Muslims, and all he can say is ‘well it wouldn’t be our policy’, that is not good enough. Has he urged the US administration to lift this order, to help refugees and to stop targeting Muslims? This order was signed on Holocaust Memorial Day. For the sake of history, for heaven’s sake have the guts to speak out.”

In the same session, Dennis Skinner asked Johnson to ‘try to recall, along with me, as I hid underneath the stairs when two fascist dictators, Mussolini and Hitler, were raining bombs on towns and cities in Britain. Now this government are hand in hand with another fascist — Trump.’

(Johnson, with his pedant’s eye for what really matters, responded by quibbling on the 84-year-old’s understanding of history.)

Last night, thousands of people converged on Downing Street and gathered in other cities around the country calling on Theresa May to cancel the president’s planned state visit.

The parliamentary petition on the issue is now approaching two million signatures.

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