Trump bans Muslims – and the press hails Boris for saving Mo Farah

We're all 'citizens of nowhere' now


As the number of signatures opposing Donald Trump’s visit to Britain passes one million, the British press has found a way to make everything come right in Brexitland.

Apparently Boris Johnson has swung in on a chandelier and rescued Olympian Mo Farah from Trump’s back-of-the-envelope travel ban.

‘Bojo in US win for MO’, says the Sun‘s front page (left shoulder).

Online it says:

“‘Bravo Bojo! Boris Johnson says NO dual nationality Brits will be hit by ‘Muslim ban’ unless they travel directly to US from one of the seven barred countries”


Over at the Telegraph, (where Johnson was until recently a £200,000 a year columnist), the front page reads: ‘Boris keeps US open to Britons’.

This is an odd way to report the UK government’s response to President Trump’s banning people from seven Muslim majority countries entering America, and his shelving a refugee programme.

Because the Prime Minister’s initial reaction was to shrug and say ‘Nothing to do with us, guv’, and it was only when public outrage grew that she did or said anything more.

But even then, it was only with the realisation this ban could affect MPs and Olympians – i.e. ‘the good Muslims’ – that our government saw fit to act, by asking that nice Mr Trump if British nationals could be exempt.

What courage! At least in May’s ‘trade first‘ Brexit-blinded parochial response she is true to her speeches. At Tory conference, May said:

“If you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere.”

As fortress Brexit shrinks around her, it looks like we’re all citizens of nowhere now.

Adam Barnett is staff writer for Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter @AdamBarnett13 

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