Theresa May’s ‘clean Brexit’ would hurt working people, says TUC

Leaving single market could help tax dodgers and 'vulture companies'


Working people will pay the price for Theresa May’s ‘clean Brexit’, the head of the Trades Union Council (TUC) has warned today, ahead of the Prime Minister’s speech expected to say Britain is leaving the European single market.

Frances O’Grady, writing on Twitter, said this would be ‘bad for jobs, work rights and living standards’, and could help ‘tax dodgers, hedge funds and vulture companies eyeing up the NHS’.

She accused the PM of ‘throwing in the towel’ on Britain’s single market model before negotiations have started, adding:

“British people want a deal that serves the many not the few.”

Yesterday the TUC General Secretary laid out some progressive tests for whether May’s Brexit plan would work for workers, including good jobs, workers’ rights, and ‘a crack-down on bad employers who use migrants to undercut wages’.

Theresa May is expected to call for a clean break with the European Union, with Britain leaving the single market, in her speech today revealing her Brexit plan after months of secrecy.

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2 Responses to “Theresa May’s ‘clean Brexit’ would hurt working people, says TUC”

  1. Hilmon

    At last, something to complain about (though not a lot to get your teeth into). Now the TUC can bring out their alternative which has no chance of ever hurting anyone including working people and non-working people. Get the cushions puffed up for the Sunday politics shows. Mrs May threw in the towel. The TUC can throw in the popcorn. Why didn’t Mrs May cover the NHS and hedge funds in her speech? We should be told.

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