PMQs: Jeremy Corbyn grills Theresa May on NHS and ‘shared society’

Labour leader says PM is 'in denial'


Jeremy Corbyn quizzed Theresa May on what the Red Cross calls a ‘humanitarian crisis’ in the NHS at today’s Prime Minister’s Questions, saying the PM is ‘in denial’.

The Labour leader confronted May with warnings by the Red Cross, British Medical Association, Royal College of Nurses and Royal College of Physicians about pressures on the health service, and patients’ experiences of a shortage of hospital beds.

The PM said the Red Cross statement was ‘irresponsible and overblown’.

Corbyn also raised cuts to mental health services and social care, and repeated his call for scrapping the government’s plans to slash corporation tax, losing money for public services.

The PM was forced to admit there are problems in the NHS, but said the horror stories quoted were a ‘small number of incidents’ and ‘unacceptable practice’. She said a strong economy is needed to fund the NHS.

Corbyn hit back by turning May’s recent ‘shared society’ speech against her, saying:

“Earlier this week the PM said she wanted to create a shared society. We’ve certainly got that. More people sharing hospital corridors on trolleys […] more people sharing in anxiety created by this government.

Our NHS is in crisis but the Prime Minister is in denial.”

He added:

“On the economic question, cancel the corporation tax cuts; spend the money where it’s needed, on people in desperate need in social care or in our hospitals.”

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