PMQs: Angus Robertson slams ‘Little Britain Brexit’ as May stonewalls

'Is she just stringing the people of Scotland along?'


Angus Robertson accused Theresa May of ‘stringing the people of Scotland along’ on Brexit, asking whether lower incomes was a ‘price worth paying for her Little Britain Brexit’.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) leader in Westminster was quizzing the Prime Minister after her Brexit speech yesterday laying out her plans to take Britain out of the European single market.

Robertson asked:

“The Prime Minister has said that Scotland is an equal partner in the UK. Does she still believe this is true, or is she just stringing the people of Scotland along?”

May replied that she was committed to working with devolved administrations on Brexit. Robertson followed up, rounding on Tory MPs who jeered when he began to cite economic forecasts:

“Tories jeering and cheering when the forecast for people’s income is that it is likely to drop by £2,000, and that 80,000 people may lose their jobs in Scotland as a result of the hard Tory Brexit plan of the Prime Minister.

Does the Prime Minister believe this is a price worth paying for her Little Britain Brexit?”

May simply replied that the SNP ‘is dedicated to taking Scotland out of the single market by taking it out of the United Kingdom’.

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