Tories hit 17-point polling lead post-conference

Support for Labour has slipped to 26 per cent


As parliament returns from recess, the Conservatives have pulled 17 points ahead of Labour, according to new ICM/Guardian polling.

This is the second-largest Tory lead ICM has ever recorded, despite the fact that it comes just days after the party’s most reactionary and xenophobic conference in years.

Labour, despite resolving its leadership crisis and making a bid for party unity, has lost popularity after its conference.

The Lib Dems will be disappointed that their support hasn’t bumped, having made a clear pitch to Labour voters, while the Greens will welcome their six per cent polling high.

Following the UKIP leadership collapse and the alleged brawl in the European Parliament, it’s likely that the Tories picked up support from voters abandoning UKIP and, once again, pundits are speculating as to whether Theresa May will convert her polling lead into parliamentary seats by calling a snap election.

The full results are as follows (with comparison to ICM’s September data):

Conservatives: 43 per cent (up 2)

Labour: 26 per cent (down 2)

Ukip: 11 per cent (down 2)

Lib Dems: 8 per cent (down 1)

Greens: 6 per cent (up 2)

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8 Responses to “Tories hit 17-point polling lead post-conference”

  1. Danielle Johnson

    Labour has to realise that support for unlimited EU immigration and Free movement is politically suicidal.

  2. FlyByLiberating

    Yet clearly shows it last recorded a lead of 15 points. Yougov just released a poll showing a 9 point lead. Even allowing for the same 2 point conference bump that’s 11 points. The real question is why is ICM out of kilter? There are after all polls showing Trump ahead.

  3. CR

    All the recent polls show a substantial and growing lead for the Tories and UKIP holding up at around 10%.

    People are not interested in Corbyn’s extremist version of Labour and want to see the Leave referendum result implemented as soon as possible.

  4. Michael WALKER

    This is the second-largest Tory lead ICM has ever recorded, despite the fact that it comes just days after the party’s most reactionary and xenophobic conference in years.”

    One person’s reaction and xenophobia is another’s dislike of unelected Government dictating UK laws and the impacts of immigration on the working class vote..

    I do love it when a Left Wing supporting blog describes its natural supporters in such terms.. Shows their utter contempt for them…

  5. Martyn

    .The Tories were rarely ahead in the polls while Margaret Thatcher was leader – except when it came to the actual elections – similarly the Tories rarely won a by-election during her years of government. Its also necessary to realise that the Tories and the Press are acting as if they ‘won’ the referendum and this has been followed by the imposition of anew range of authoritarian policies which have nothing to do with Brexit – except that Brexit provides the excuse for implimenting them. The Tories under May have also benefitted from a fawning media which displays little criticism in spite of the disasterous fall in the £ – the impact of which still has to be felt in the cost of living.

    Labour shouldn’t be panicked by the poll results but needs to build a firm policy base over the next few months, and an activist movement in the country (my local Labour Party can’t even manage to organise letters to the local paper in spite of a massive increase in membership). The people who should be panicked are the Blairites in parliament who have taken every opportunity to damage the party since Corbyn became leader.

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