More than half of Scottish voters want a second EU referendum

New YouGov poll finds 52 per cent back another vote on Brexit


More than half of Scottish voters would like to see a second referendum on EU membership, according to a new poll, in the latest sign of Scotland’s desire to stay in the EU.

A YouGov survey for the Times found 52 per cent ‘support a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union to confirm or reverse Britain’s decision to leave the EU’, with 48 per cent against.

The numbers jump to 67 per cent among Scottish National Party supporters, compared with 40 per cent for Scottish Labour. But both parties’ voters want to stay in the EU, with 71 per cent of Labour voters and 69 per cent for the SNP.

Surprisingly, more than a third (39 per cent) of Scotland’s Leave voters support a second referendum, against 56 per cent for Remainers.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s SNP First Minister, has said she will fight to keep Scotland inside the EU after the majority of Scottish voters backed a Remain vote in the referendum.

Her spokesman told the Times:

‘The fact this poll shows support for continued EU membership increasing is further evidence of the strong desire right across Scotland to protect our place in Europe, and reinforces the strong mandate we have as a government to explore all options to achieve that.’

Scotland voted to stay in the European Union by 62 per cent, with a turnout of 67.2 per cent.

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5 Responses to “More than half of Scottish voters want a second EU referendum”

  1. Awart

    It’s aurprising but on the other hand, is it not uncommon for polls to come in after the refrendum is already done, asking about whether people would like to take another vote?
    And Leave supporters might speak for the second referendum as it might appear that since over 60 per cent of the voters declared their will to stay inside of the EU, then it might appear – why organize any second referendum since the people have spoken their minds?

  2. CR

    Mmm…. But the Scots only make up 8% of the population of the EU !

  3. CR

    UK !!!!

    Where’s the edit button ?

  4. Himself

    I don’t mind if there is a second referendum.

    It looks as though 60% plus would now vote for Brexit.

    Why not join all the positively minded people who are making a success of Brexit, demonstrating that the Remoaners claims were all false.

    It helps not to suffer from confirmation bias by reading only left-wing news. After all, even Corbyn is pro-Brexit.

  5. Dragonfighter

    Maybe they want a second referendum so that they can vote to leave, forcing the SNP to get on with governing Scotland instead of bleating on about a second Independence referendum?

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