WATCH: Why Black Lives Matter blocked access to Heathrow

Simultaneous protests have taken place in London, Nottingham and elsewhere


Black Lives Matter blocked the M4 slip road to Heathrow airport this morning, lying down in the road under a banner that read ‘This Is A Crisis’.

At the same time, protesters in Nottingham blocked roads and tram lines, and actions were reported in Birmingham and Manchester.

The nationwide #shutdown was called by Black Lives Matter UK (BLMUK) to mark the fifth anniversary of the death of Mark Duggan.

In this video, members of the BLMUK coalition explain why the action is being taken.

The activists point to the number of deaths in police custody, which disproportionately affect black people, and the almost total lack of convictions.

They name Sarah Reed, Jermaine Baker and Mzee Mohammed, who have all died in the last eight months, either in custody or in confrontations with the police.

They highlight that black people are 37 times more likely to be stopped and searched, that they face more severe sentencing than white people do for the same offences, and face ‘the indignity of racism everyday.’

The movement is also highly vocal about Britain’s refugee and migration policy. The video references the deaths of black and brown people in the Mediterranean (‘3034 in 2016 alone’), the number of people ‘bundled into vans’ and deported, and the situation of those ‘incarcerated and abused in immigration detention centres.’

On its Facebook page, BLMUK describes itself as ‘a coalition of activists from across the UK who believe deeply that Black Lives Matter. The struggle is global, and so must be the solution.’

Police have reportedly made a number of arrests in both London and Nottingham.

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5 Responses to “WATCH: Why Black Lives Matter blocked access to Heathrow”

  1. CR

    ALL lives matter !!!

  2. Matthew Blott

    I’m quite sympathetic to the Black Lives Matter movement and was nodding along gamely while watching this video until it was spoiled near the end. It’s perfectly understandable – as well as acceptable – for a government to want to do something about Islamic terrorism and UK BLM discredit themselves by shoehorning in the ‘Islamophobia’ trope.

  3. Imran Kahn

    Duggan was a class A drug dealer who threw away the gun he was carrying on his way to enforce a drug debt. I can give you chapter and verse of his criminal family activities but I have been banned from here for that before. I am a journalist and Duggan and his history is well known. All the while you perpetuate the myth that he is a symbol of your movement you will no credibility whatsoever.

  4. Michael WALKER

    From afar it looks like a classic way to really upset your potential supporters.

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