Poll: Who would be a better Labour Party leader – Jeremy Corbyn or Owen Smith?

Tell us what you think about the Labour candidates


Now the Labour leadership race is down to Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith, who do you think would be better at the job?

Click on the link below to vote in our poll of Left Foot Forward readers. We’ll publish the results on Monday.



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57 Responses to “Poll: Who would be a better Labour Party leader – Jeremy Corbyn or Owen Smith?”

  1. Michael WALKER

    Reading all the comments above, there are one or two notable exceptions BUT I fail to see many ” I support Corbyn because he will return Labour to Government” type of posts.

    Political purity is like chastity: it sounds great but in the real world, it has little support because in the long term few people like it.

  2. karen.

    It really comes down to people who are struggling feeling like they are not listened to, disenfranchised and unrepresented. All any of them seem to want is impose austerity on us, but line their pockets and run around making sure the super rich get richer and not taxed. So many of us in Britain are just angry and fed up. This is not an election, this is a revolution. And people would rather go to hell with Corbyn than stay the same, get the same, listen to them droning on about stuff no one cares about while others sleep in doorways. I refuse to vote for anyone who can walk by the homeless, pile whole families into one room for years, bomb innocent people and then refuse to help them, do snide deals for our NHS and then tell us we are wrong!

  3. lyn

    I can not vote but will prefer to vote for Jeremy Cobyn.
    He is very genuine and a real gentle man.
    Is very sad he has been bullied by his own people.
    Jeremy ,never give up keep the fire burning.

  4. John W.

    It is Brown and Milliband who have shown they cannot win elections. Voters do not just vote for the most electable leader they actually vote on the issues that matter most for them. Why would anyone vote for Owen who has no prin iples or experience – Brown and Milliband had ministerial experience and clear views? At elections people tend to be cautious and will stick with the party in power rather than risk the untried (as they did in 1992 and 2005). Under Blair the Labour Party lost its unique selling point and big hitters for the electorate and just became the Party that seemed tothink it had a right to win elections without offering anything concrete and distinctive.

  5. Chriso

    Team Corbyn is the only credible team to save our NHS & vital services. Labour have been gaining ground since Corbyn was elected with a large majority – see by-election results since then.

  6. John Woods

    Looks like Jeremy is going to win again. It was like this after 1979 when the Labour Party turned in on itself. Ed Miliband claimed a lot of credit for preventing this happening after 2010 but it made no difference. Perhaps Labour is only intended to rule for 10 out of every 30 years as it takes that long to create a leader and for that leader to fail the membership. I am thinking of the 1931 – 1945, 1951 – 1964, 1979 – 1997 periods. The swopping between Heath and Wilson/Callaghan between 1970 and 1979 was caused by economic decline rather than politics.

  7. John MacKinnon

    So there you are, “Left” Foot Forward. What do you do now? Swing behind Corbyn, who has overwhelming Party support, or cling to your Blairite principles, which will consign you to the sewers of history?

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