Poll results: 85 per cent of readers back Jeremy Corbyn over Owen Smith

Left Foot Forward readers said Corbyn would be a better Labour leader


Jeremy Corbyn would be a better Labour Party leader than Owen Smith, according to Left Foot Forward readers.

Our online poll found 85 per cent of readers backing Corbyn against his challenger, as the two begin their campaigns for the party’s leadership. Corbyn poll pie chart

8,461 people voted in our poll, which launched on Wednesday 20 July and closed this morning.

We asked: Who would be a better Labour Party leader? Jeremy Corbyn / Owen Smith 

Corbyn poll numbers

Corbyn received 7,162 votes (84.9 per cent) to Smith’s 1,269 (15.1 per cent).

Thanks to everyone who voted.

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13 Responses to “Poll results: 85 per cent of readers back Jeremy Corbyn over Owen Smith”

  1. Bryn Stevenson-Davies

    Democratically, the will of the Labour membership, Jeremy Corburn was voted our leader last year. So why allow a minority of the Party to tear apart or destroy the Labour movement. I call for Owen Smith to stand down and bring an end to this madness.

  2. Sheila Rowell

    Jeremy Corbyn is a man of principle and someone supporters can trust.
    He is capable of leading the Labour Party to win the 2020 General Election. The sMe cannot be said of Owen Smith who has already changed his stance on austerity to please potential supporters

  3. Richie Nimmo

    Any chance of this resounding result being reflected in some way on the overall editorial approach of Left Foot Forward towards Jeremy Corbyn? No? Thought not.

  4. CR

    Left Foot Forward seems to have become Blarite Foot Forward in recent weeks.

  5. MarkR

    Here is how to interpret this poll

    Do you agree with the result

    Yes: Celebrate it reinforces everything you know. Corbyn is going to smash it.

    No: it’s an unscientific self selecting poll. The results are not worth the paper they are printed on.

  6. Richard MacKinnon

    There is a massive irony with articles published on LLF and Progressonline. They claim to be working for Labour and I don’t doubt their sincerity, but what is happening is the opposite; the harder they try the deeper and wider the division becomes within the party. They think they have to save Labour from its elected leader, but as they do the number of supporters he wins gets bigger.
    Its is a fascinating time for political students, the sight of a political party self harming to such an extent it could go out of existence.
    Is there a reason for it? I think there are. The three that I would propose as principals are,
    1. neglecting the heartlands and the concerns of the core vote. A lot more could have been done to distribute wealth and prosperity for example civil service jobs out of London.
    2. Tony Blair, and his illegal war. Blair is a war criminal. This has never been acknowledged by Labour.
    3. Gordon Brown , and his total and abject ignorance of financial matters.

    These are big indictments, the penalties deserve to be severe. Carry on the good works.

  7. Cole

    LFF is not a Labour blog and never has been. It is a site for a wide range of progressive views – Labour, LibDems, Greens and non aligned. There’s no reason they should suddenly become a cheerleader for Corbyn.

  8. Boris Tabaksplatt

    It is not surprising that Jeremy is favoured by the mass of Labour party supporters, especially since the failed coup to out him and his ideas about what our country needs to do to improve the spending power of wage earners.

    All the members of my local CLP were in shock at the despicable actions of the revolting MPs. The Labour party was created to help the working man against their exploitive wealth bosses and the same holds true today. Following the shambles of the Brexit referendum, this was the ideal time to make inroads on the Tory manifesto and show how repressive and damaging to the economy their agenda has become, instead the majority of the PLP behaved like unruly school children having a bun-fight. Pathetic. They need to unite behind Jeremy Corbyn and start making progress again or resign and call a by election.

  9. head in hands

    left foot forward is supposed to deal in facts. How about some facts on the average %age reduction in votes received when an incumbent MP retires and a new ‘face’ stands. If I understand right then Corbyn is suggesting that we should take advantage of boundary changes to ‘remove’ recalcitrant MP’s. Given the size of the task will this make it more or less likely of the Labour win in 2020? Come on LLF help with this please.

  10. Ian

    The poll was on a par with asking which testicle you would like crushed.
    Neither are good enough candidates for this party.
    Here’s my checklist for a decent candidate and neither of them hits the spot well enough.
    Left. Radical. Competent to run the party. Able to reach out and direct the thirst for change in the country. Intelligent. Sincere. Appealing.
    You know, a decent Labour politician. Have we completely run out of them.

  11. David Potter

    We have to keep Jeremy Corbyn as the leader. The Labour party needs to get back to its roots, with the full support of the members behind him.
    All the rest can be de-selected and fresh MPs put in place.

  12. John Woods

    Well, what do, or should anyone, expect, even from LFF readers. If JC was a good, bad or indifferent leader and most of us have had nearly a year to make up our minds this would have been apparent long ago. It took me until December (three months is long enough to judge anyone in a new job), never mind a new profession. The Front Bench is a new profession to someone who never even achieved PPS (or bag carrier to everyone else) previously in a career of 32 years in the Commons. After three months I expected him to resign but then it was explained to me by serious political commentators in the Guardian and Observer that being leader was not what he was about. He was about converting the Labour Party from a Parliamentary Party to a pressure group/protest group/ anything except an alternative government group, and it looks as if he has succeeded. Even the Leader in the Lords has given up on him, after a complete Parliamentary year during which he has taken credit for achievements that he had taken no part in, and had not even turned up for meeting of the relevant committee. Please come to your senses. This is a greater challenge to the future of the Labour Party than Militant or Entryism when the CPGB decided to disband and advised its members to join Labour and take it over. They failed but the insider is achieving all they wanted to achieve.

  13. ted francis

    No one questions JC’s (apt acronym) sincerity, principles, integrity or the correctness of his wishes to transform the party. But come on this politics, dirty, nasty, illogical politics. Virtue doesn’t win votes out there in the real world and JC is no Hercules to clean up the Augean stable that is the current Party. I voted for him because I thought a man with all those years’ experience of the “bubble” and observances from the back benches would have the nous to get in there, carry the fight to the Tories and score a huge number of points. But it didn’t happen did it? Where are the giants that Labour used to breed – Hardy, Bevan, Bevin, Gaitskell, Smith, Castle, Braddock, Kinnock ( yes)? Whatever their warts they were all BIG people, tenacious fighters who could worry and even frighten the opposition by attacking their weaknesses and undermining their strengths. For better or worse we supported them, voted for them and, more significantly, so did the electorate out there. Whatever you may think, the past year has shown that none of that is happening today. There’s a shabby, poisonous blame-game syndrome that is all too prevalent and its being played by pygmies.

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