Labour free vote expected on Trident

David Cameron has pulled forward the vote on Trident renewal in another blow to Labour

Credit: Defence Images

David Cameron will call a vote on the renewal of the Trident nuclear programme later this month, most likely on Monday, 18 July.

Since the Conservatives are essentially united on Trident renewal, it will almost certainly pass, but could disrupt the Parliamentary Labour Party even further.

It may be that Cameron has fast-tracked the vote to distract from the divisions in his own party an refocus on the chaos in Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn is expected to allow a free vote on the issue, since he would almost certainly face a rebellion if he did not do so. It’s expected that up to 150 Labour MPs will vote against him.

Corbyn has passionately advocated nuclear disarmament for many years, and is a vice-chair of CND.

However, he has been challenged on the issue by his Labour allies as well as his enemies.

Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite, opposes dismantling Trident because it would threaten the jobs of Unite members in the defence industry.

Corbyn’s proposal to maintain the submarines but without nuclear capacity has been roundly dismissed.

Both deputy leader Tom Watson and potential Corbyn challenger Angela Eagle support renewal.

Tory leadership candidate Theresa May commented earlier this week that it would be ‘sheer madness’ not to renew Trident.

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3 Responses to “Labour free vote expected on Trident”

  1. Wilson sadler

    Better to build for peace but there is more capital profit in war

  2. w.b.robertson

    Labour, Liberals and Tories muster one MP each north of the border. In this great debate who will speak for Scotland where Trident subs and their armaments are based?

  3. s rossiter

    The fact that a weapon system designed to target only non combatants has the support of most Labourites says it all. The Unite union would have supported the Holocaust, as to stop it would threaten the jobs of those producing Zyklon B. O tempora, O mores.

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