Jeremy Corbyn’s approval ratings hit the floor in Scotland

Corbyn made a Scottish Labour recovery a key goal. How's that going?


Amid a flurry of polls all pointing to disaster for Labour without a change of course, the picture in Scotland is a complete disaster.

In August of last year during the last leadership contest, Jeremy Corbyn identified a recovery in Scotland as one of his key goals. For all the efforts put in by Kezia Dugdale north of the border, the evidence is that despite the rhetoric, Corbyn has become a handicap to Labour’s chances of a Scottish revival.

YouGov polling has given Corbyn a net approval rating across Scotland of -36, and -47 among 2015 Labour voters. Among 2015 Labour voters, just 19 per cent think he is doing well – a fall of 14 points since early May.

His national numbers are, YouGov notes ‘boosted by the fact that more SNP voters (31 per cent) think he is doing well than Labour voters.’ Behind Corbyn, Kezia Dugdale has a net approval rating of -15.

Contrast that with Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, who has a net approval rating of +31 and Nicola Sturgeon with a net approval rating of +34.

Theresa May meanwhile enjoys a considerable leads when voters in Scotland were asked about key characteristics. 66 per cent see her as strong; 62 per cent say she is competent and 53 per cent say that she is in control.

The new Prime Minister has commanding leads in key characteristics – she is seen as strong by 66 per cent.

The only area in which May performs poorly is on likeability, with more people thinking she is dislikeable (35 per cent vs 30 per cent).

With figures like these, it’s no wonder that Owen Smith has raised concerns about Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to engage in the arguments about national identify in Scotland, Wales and England which are so vital to the future of the United Kingdom as it currently stands.

Ed Jacobs is a contributing editor at Left Foot Forward

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