Sayeeda Warsi breaks with ‘xenophobic’ Brexit campaign and backs Remain

Tory peer says the Leave campaign is 'telling lies' and 'spreading hate'


A senior Tory peer has defected from the Leave campaign over its ‘toxic, divisive and xenophobic’ politics, saying she now supports a vote to Remain in the EU.

Lady Warsi, a former chair of the Conservative Party, told the Times that UKIP’s Brexit poster, unveiled on Thursday, was the last straw, and accused those heading the Leave campaign of telling lies and spreading hatred.

On Twitter, she added:

Sayeeda Warsi is the second Tory politician to switch from Leave to Remain over the former’s conduct during this referendum debate.

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP defected earlier this month over the Leave campaign’s false claims about Brexit providing £350 million for the NHS.

Speaking to the Times, Lady Warsi said:

‘That ‘breaking point’ poster really was — for me — the breaking point to say, ‘I can’t go on supporting this’.

Are we prepared to tell lies, to spread hate and xenophobia just to win a campaign? For me that’s a step too far.’


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