Finally, an EU video for young people that young people might actually like

This weekend sees a push by organisations committed to getting young voters registered


Designing campaigns to engage and impress young voters is a risky business.

As less than half of 18-24-year old voters plan to vote in the EU referendum, both campaigns are desperately trying to engage young voters, and both have been accused of patronising them in the attempt.

But a new video launched this morning has bucked the trend:

The video, which manages to be both funny and earnest, has been released by Wake Up and Vote and Bite the Ballot to get young people registered before the deadline on Tuesday.

Also this weekend, Bite the Ballot and Hope not Hate are engaging with faith networks and communities, running a live-streamed gameshow and coordinating a Thunderclap for Monday evening.

The ‘Referendum VIPs’ video was produced by Action Productions.


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