Sadiq Khan has nine point lead on Zac Goldsmith for London Mayor

Labour candidate ahead in most demographics and considered more trustworthy on most issues


Labour’s candidate for London Mayor Sadiq Khan has maintained his poll lead against Conservative rival Zac Goldsmith with two days to go before the election, despite fears a row over anti-Semitism in the Labour Party could have damaged his chances at the ballot box.

The latest poll by Opinium for the Evening Standard newspaper found Khan has a nine-point lead among first preference votes, beating Goldsmith by 35 per cent to 26.



When second preference votes are included, Khan is ahead by 14 points, with 57 per cent to Goldsmith’s 43.

Khan led in every demographic – male, female, and all ages, except for over-55s, a majority of whom were for Goldsmith.


Khan was also ahead among inner city voters, by 43 per cent to 21, and among outer city voters, who are traditionally more likely to vote Conservative, though by a smaller margin of 31 per cent to 29.

Respondents were also asked about which candidate they trust more on several issues: housing, reducing crime, public transport fares, unemployment, environment and clean air, public transport generally, attracting business and investment, dealing with public transport trade unions, and airport expansion.

Khan was considered more trustworthy on all of these issues, except for attracting business and airport expansion, where Goldsmith had around a 10-point lead, and environment, on which the two were neck-and-neck, with a one-point lead for Khan.

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4 Responses to “Sadiq Khan has nine point lead on Zac Goldsmith for London Mayor”

  1. Philip Weaver

    Why have you included only 2 candidates? How many people are going to vote for Green, or even UKIP?

  2. BarryE

    Because only two names will go forward to the count of second preference votes.

    You can get more details at

  3. ted francis

    What a travesty if Goldsmith did just squeak it. We know that Old Etonian spells disaster for all but the top ten.

  4. Alexsandr

    Hmm. opinion polls were right last GE werent they?

    still if london wants someone with some nasty loony islamists as friends as their mayor….

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