Rise in Islamophobic hate crimes highlights the importance of local policing

Since Paris, the number of attacks on Muslims in London has more than tripled


A huge increase in Islamophobic hate crimes in London highlights the need for strong local policing, Labour London Assembly Equalities spokesperson Jennette Arnold has said.

Figures released by the Met today show that since the attacks in Paris on 13 November, the number of Muslims attacked each week in London has more than tripled. In the week prior to the attacks, the Met recorded 24 Islamophobic incidents. Two weeks after they recorded 76.

The figures also show that the annual number of incidents has increased, with the majority of reports relating to harassment. There were 576 incidents reported in the 12 months up to October 2014; the following year this had increased by 47.6 per cent to 845. Mussurut Zia from the Muslim Women’s Network UK said the community was ‘fearful’.

Jennette Arnold said today:

“The events in Paris shook many people to the core, people of all faiths. These cowardly acts of hatred have no place in London which prides itself on being a city where all are welcome, whatever faith, or personal creed.

“The mayor has argued that recent increases in hate crime can simply be attributed to increased confidence to report. We know there is more to it than that, and you’ll never tackle hate crime if you solely attribute any rise to increased reporting.

“During these uncertain times, the role of local policing in strengthening community bonds is more important than ever. With cuts to the Met budget still approaching, Boris Johnson needs to fight tooth and nail to retain neighbourhood policing so that we can meet the rising challenge of hate crime in London.”

Since 2010, 1,414 police officers, 2,718 PCSOs and 63 police stations have been axed in London. Neighbourhood policing is in many areas being replaced with a cheaper area-based approach, with teams of six cut down to only two officers in each ward.

The impact this has on the safety of Londoners is clear. Over the last 12 months violent offences including stabbings, have spiked 24 per cent; an additional 40,748 violent offences.

Responding to today’s figures, the Met said it is providing extra patrols and has more than 900 officers investigating hate crime.

Ruby Stockham is a staff writer at Left Foot Forward

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25 Responses to “Rise in Islamophobic hate crimes highlights the importance of local policing”

  1. Zarniwoop

    Hummm so out of a total population of how many millions in London and you get a tripling from “recorded 24 Islamophobic incidents. Two weeks after they recorded 76″

    I wonder how many general muggings rapes and petty theft go on each day? Well here’s a snippet ”

    Latest Metropolitan Police crime figures show street crime is rising in every London borough.

    In some areas it has leapt by more than 70 per cent in a year.

    Perhaps we should worry about rapes?

    “As evidence of the problems blighting London, the report points out that rape and penetrative offences recorded by the Met have risen by 68 per cent since 2005/6, totaling 5,179 in 2013/14.” yet Left Foot are concerned about a rise of some 50 islam-ophobic incidents???

    Get real!

  2. Brad JJ

    Mutual contempt between Afro-Caribbean and Africans (Brits or migrant) leads to multiple exchanges of abuse per day with violence, street fights and murders also occurring regularly. Since demise of Trident analysis of this has become more difficult as the more generic and less informative ”black-on black” crime is used. Add in conflict between Somalis and all non-white groups in East London.

    The Muslim community are right ot raise issues of aggression towards them. Not all communities have a word they can use to account for what is happening ti them.

    The term, ”Islamophobia” provides an easy conceptualisation which often, I believe, overemphasises the significance ot these events IN COMPARISON with many others.

  3. Mike Stallard

    If we welcome everyone from all over the world, that does not mean that on the plane over here (or the lorry) they suddenly turn into British citizens with our reserve, our history, our traditions and our religious background.
    If people who say they are Muslim go around breaking up society by shooting innocent people because they hate them in USA, in France, in Africa and in Turkey, then some people are going to take the law into their own hands aren’t they. I do not approve but I am human and I do understand why they do it.
    Luckily the middle aged Muslims in the mosques who have everything they need – women, children, money, jobs, power – have woken up to the fact that they ought to condemn these atrocities.

  4. Michael Worcester

    This is an interesting point. Would dropping all efforts at multiculturalism help? Perhaps looking at the US way of integrating large amounts of immigration might help. They balance migrants ie if there are ghettos forming they reduce the visas from that group and actively encourage new migrants to break up the ghetto (note there isny an automatic right to citizenship). Multiculturalism is discouraged eg documents only in English, no money to subsidise religious groups especially in education. They encourage all migrants to work by protecting benefits (we protect work thus ensuring benefit dependency).

  5. Brad JJ

    I lived in South East London for twenty years and what is most amazing is the rapidity of demographic change. There was a time when flats above a stretch of old shops that had lain empty for years were occupied by Brazilians four to a room all working in up-scale restaurants. One Brazilian friend told me he thought they totalled around three hundred and had all arrived in the space of a month.

    Nigerians in Peckham were few in number the and a few years later they are everywhere. Six new churches within five hundred yards of my house. The Church of Strong Prayer. The Church to Banish Curses. All Spells can be banished here. Magical practises all around and then the torso of the kid in the Thames.

    Then the Francophone West Africans occupied around a dozen shops in Rye Lane and suddenly the street was filled with gigantic women shouting French at one another.

    I have lived and worked in six countries on four continents and I found London’d constant turnover of people hard going.

    The Somali community in London has grown at an incredible pace and continues to do so with five children the average. I speak some Arabic so I took a wander down one of the areas they now dominate and spoke to a couple of guys. They are bored out of their minds so they are becoming wise guys, living off their wits and after a few years you have ethnic gangsters.

    You are right. We should allow everyone to work and we should have serious penalties for avoiding PAYE and Nat Ins. We should also have workfare immediately for asylum seekers. Nothing for nothing. Like you say our present system is breeding dependency. Worse, it is breeding anti-social self-ghettoisation.

    The USA has the advantage that citizenship carries a much more powerful identity which is open and welcoming. It is an invitation to modernity.

    In the UK citizenship is a process whereby ridiculous questions about the monarchical past form quizzes to test knowledge of the culture. Totally stupid.

    Then there are the schools. Oh my god. They are so bad.


    And then two muslims shoot 14 people having Christmas dinner in the USA. There is a problem with muslims not us. They are not prepared to tolerate us. Islam is a death cult.

  7. Brad JJ

    And what do you plan to do about it?


    Probably purchase a carpet and convert but will go down the pub first for a final pint.


    Strange that the white European does not emigrate to Islamic countries and open various churches of different denominations and are welcomed by the local mullahs for their diversity. Opening a few pubs and having a joke about this or that. Oops ma heid is afffffffff.

  10. Sid

    “…say they are Muslim go around breaking up society by shooting innocent
    people because they hate them in USA, in France, in Africa and in
    Turkey, then…”

    You forgot 7/7 in London !!!

  11. Sid

    There have been a number of analysis of this sort of data and mostly it comes down to on-line anti-islamic comments that any normal person would find acceptable. These people are looking for language and actions they can claim to be offensive. It is part of their political objective of attacking western culture and values.

  12. Jacko

    Notice how Ruby Stockham only ever mentions the police when it relates to protecting immigrants or minorities.

    That’s because these pieces are about her building a portfolio of left-wing credibility to further her media career. “Hey look everyone, I’m passionately concerned about the welfare of minorities! I’m so modern, forward-thinking, tolerant and cool!”

    There’s simply no mileage for her in writing about wider policing issues, so it’s never mentioned.

    Make no mistake, the writers on this site have one objective only: to further their media careers. They are middle class, student-politics phonies.

  13. Wobbly chops

    This country’s going down the toilet . It was the left that opened the doors, but seem to have no solution.

  14. Mike Stallard


  15. Stay Puft

    I’d like to issue a challenge to Ms Stockham which I’m absolutely sure she will ignore.

    Walk down Tower Hamlets late at night in a short skirt and holding a bottle of wine or can of beer and then report back. Thanks.

  16. damon

    You don’t mean getting known because you write for or edit this blog do you?
    I heard James Bloodworth on the radio a few times and he was introduced as the editor of Left Foot Forward. Now he’s moved on I believe.

    It’s a bit like Wes Streeting, the new Labour MP for Ilford North.
    He made his name as the head of the NUS. I heard him speaking at a meeting as that just a couple of years ago.


    Ruby, have you any idea where this term islamaphobia came from. No such phobia has been proven to exist.
    Do the Islamists that chop the heads of the Kaffir have a phobia?

  18. Sparky

    Ruby Stockham. Just eight years ago she was a schoolgirl in Bristol. Now she knows how to solve all the problems of the country. Terrorism, unemployment, the NHS, low pay, housing -you name it, she’ll write an article on what needs to be done. Laughable.

  19. tamimisledus

    And exactly what has RS achieved since she left school which has directly contributed to the well-being of her fellow (if that can be said) citizens?

  20. tamimisledus

    These are not crimes, they are reports of crimes, provided by muslims who have a vested interest in slandering non-muslims. muslims whose religion teaches that anything is permitted if it furthers the cause of islam. and so care little for the truth.
    The biggest crime here is that the police are reporting as crimes something which has not been tested in a court of law.
    Let’s see how many of the reports stand up to full rigours of the English legal system.

  21. tamimisledus

    Do you think she would ever be in a state fit enough to come back?

  22. tamimisledus

    Is this what stands for journalism at LFF?

    – 50 percent plagiarising another’s copy.
    – No attempt to validate the information given

    – Repeating without direct attribution unsubstantiated information
    – Linking to publicly available police data
    – Referring to unrelated data, as if it could bolster the argument (it doesn’t)
    – General use of hyperbole (huge, spike)
    – Use of derogatory language (islamophobia)

    This is not reporting, it is propaganda.

  23. tamimisledus

    That is 50 alleged incidents
    Detections so far? None.
    Prosecutions so far? None
    Convictions so far? None
    Punishment so far? None
    That is 50 alleged incidents

  24. Richard Puller

    Better watch out posters, these 900
    Met officers might be monitoring LFF for evidence of hate crime against Ruby.

  25. Ed Bone

    Looking forward to a corresponding article on the rise in the number of anti-semitic incidents. Here is a heads-up: There were 473 recorded anti-Semitic incidents between January and June this year, a 53% rise from 2014, according to the Community Security Trust. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33713259

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