Weekly survey: Most LFF readers are backing Jeremy Corbyn

66 per cent of respondents would like to see Corbyn at the helm


There are still nine days left for Labour members to vote in what has been one of the most fraught leadership contests in recent memory.  Last week, we asked our readers who they would like to see leading the party as of 12 September. Here are the results:

66.13 per cent (412) said Jeremy Corbyn

12.68 per cent (79) said Liz Kendall

12.52 per cent (78) said Yvette Cooper

9.31 per cent (58) said Andy Burnham

LFF poll Corbyn

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Our poll results echo the general consensus about the leadership contenders; that Corbyn’s message is by far the clearest, meaning support for the other candidates is scattered. Concern about this is such that last month Liz Kendall reportedly urged Yvette Cooper to stand down to give Andy Burnham a better chance of winning. Lord Mandelson has also reportedly tried to persuade all three candidates to withdraw in order to freeze the election and stop Corbyn from winning.

Yet support for Corbyn seems unabated among Labour voters. A July poll by Labour List showed that 73 per cent of its readers were planning to vote for the Islington North MP. Liz Kendall came miles behind in second place with just 10 per cent of the vote. Last month a Times/YouGov poll put Corbyn 31 points ahead of his nearest rival – in this case Burnham – on first preferences.

Of course, polls are not prophecies, and ours is an unweighted and self selected sample of 627 people. After the General Election scepticism about polling is higher than ever, and perhaps most importantly, Left Foot Forward readers are not all Labour members.

But as results day draws closer, it seems increasingly unlikely that ‘Shy Kendalls’, for example, will present much of a worry for Corbyn. In the Labour List poll, only two per cent of respondents said they weren’t sure who would get their first choice.

Still, even at this late stage there are attempts to beat Corbyn at his own game. Yesterday Andy Burnham made a direct pitch to the left, promising would-be Corbyn voters that Labour under his leadership would be ‘clearer about where we oppose the Tories’.

It has become a well-rehearsed mantra that people know what Corbyn stands for, and that this clarity is clearly appealing. The other candidates have scrambled to present a similarly strong vision, but if polls are anything to go by, it could well be too late.

Ruby Stockham is a staff writer at Left Foot Forward

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28 Responses to “Weekly survey: Most LFF readers are backing Jeremy Corbyn”

  1. I'm very cross about this.

    100% of Conservative, LD and UKIP want to see him as leader.

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  3. UnionJihack

    No they are not, not one of them is.
    This lady right here nails it.

  4. JoeDM

    When Corbyn is announced as Labour Leader champagne corks will popping in every Conservative Club up and down the land.

  5. David Llewellyn Gardner

    Well not me. I actually want to win the General Election and want a Labour Government that is part of a Europe-wide progressive consensus that can ensure we all benefit from greater and more sustainable prosperity. I am a member of many protest movements, but have worked tirelessly a Labour Party member and representative to actually make a difference which means winning power.

  6. Faerieson

    They’re always popping, regardless of anything that’s happening in the real world. That’s part of the problem?

  7. Cole

    It’s true, but these self indulgent Corbynites don’t know or don’t care.

  8. awesomesauce

    Even to the untrained eye (like mine) it is quite evident how the right foot is dragging behind.

  9. AlanGiles

    Only Jeremy Corbyn and Liz Kendall have really had anything of substance to say in this election. Yvette Cooper has come alive a bit today with her World At One Interview (1st September), but Andy Burnham’s campaign has been truly abysmal. Having had previous experience of such things, which the other three have not, it really is quite inexcusable.

  10. sean connor

    Labour needs a change of policy away from its neo-Liberal addiction. Only Jeremy Corbyn promises that. The other candidates promise to continue that addiction.

  11. Syzergy_Point

    This has to win the award as the least funny meme ever.

  12. Syzergy_Point

    I agree with you here. Whether you’re a Kendallite or Corbynista, at least they each have a recognizable pitch. AB seems to switch his opinion every few minutes.

  13. Asteri

    I don’t think Bloodz is going to be re-tweeting this as its rather the opposite outcome his output on Corbyn intended to produce.

  14. Asteri

    I don’t think Bloodz is going to be re-tweeting this as its rather the opposite outcome his output on Corbyn intended to produce.


    The middle class lefties that support Corbyn will lose nothing only the poor will be affected. The leftie luvvies can afford to fuck the Labour Party as the Tories will ensure their share holdings. Nothing lost nothing gained.

  16. remarx

    Jeremy Corbyn is the man of the moment – he is the result of a ground roots disenchantment towards the actions of a Party of the Rich for the Rich. The Tories won again because they were the best of a bad bunch; the other choices were a shambles.

    For too long the Labour party has been watered down by the pseudo tories within, socialism becoming a dirty word in a world ruled by big business. Jeremy Corbyn will give the Labour party a good kick up the arse, a wake up call that a strong alternative is needed to combat the ‘profit at any cost’ idealism of the Tories. The party needs to get back to it’s roots. People – especially working class industry fodder – mean nothing to a Tory party, their attack on the on the Welfare System in general shows this, and that is just ONE example of social money starvation. The Tories never wanted a Welfare system in the first place. Churchill and his government fought it all the way.

    Our forefathers fought hard to ensure that social equality came about; many forget that, hopefully Mr Corbyn will remind them.

  17. Sapperlot

    This website is a con – they are all red Tories.

  18. Lord of the Manor of Tyburn

    ‘rebuting right-wing spin’.


  19. WorldsEnd

    Jeremy Corbyn believes in and wants decent, human values for the average person. That must be so frightening for the brain-washed, egotistical, “Me First, Me Second, and if there is anything left-over, Me” Western world we now live in.

  20. Ann Sinclair

    Ever heard of Champagne Socialists, darling?

  21. Ann Sinclair

    LMAO. Possibly the most delusional assertion on the Web.

  22. Ann Sinclair

    That vile man will give Labour a kick all right – into the long grass.

  23. Ann Sinclair

    Sadly, too many Labour members are morons with the mindset of a fifth-former.

  24. Ann Sinclair

    Yes, well, it just proves yet again that most of your readers (and writers) are morons.

  25. Faerieson

    Do they finish their comments, “darling,” in an attempt to be especially condescending?

  26. Ann Sinclair

    No idea. I am not one of them.
    You are the expert on condescension, as your spittle-flecked comment above shows.

  27. Faerieson

    Whereas your’s is so wonderfully poetic.

  28. remarx

    Madam, you are obviously not a history student. It takes a man such as Corbyn to bring about real change to a complacent, stagnant and turgid problem. The labour party had become such. There will be many people such as your good self who cannot grasp the bigger picture.

    And as for ‘vile’ people, IDS beats J.Corbyn hands down!

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