Poll: Should Britain take in more refugees?

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The pictures of Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy found washed up on a beach in Antalya, Turkey, appear to have (finally) brought it home to the British commentariat that more must be done to help those refugees currently fleeing from war and dictatorship.

As such, David Cameron is coming under increasing pressure to let in more refugees. Up to now the prime minister has responded that Britain is doing a great deal to help refugees – but by spending money on aid to be sent to the areas where people are fleeing in the first place.

But are the prime minister’s critics right – should Britain take in more refugees? Or is Britain, as the PM likes to point out, already doing its bit?

Have your say – the results of the poll will be published early next week.

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94 Responses to “Poll: Should Britain take in more refugees?”

  1. Gordon toneou

    Are you deliberately being obtuse? Out of everything I wrote this is the only thing you comment on? Everything you’ve stated above tells me how blinkered some people can be, yeah lets let everyone in and the economy will go boom and everything will be OK, at what cost? Where did you study Economics? Play school? Wake up and try to understand what will actually happen if this or any other country lets a massive amount of immigrants in. The Government this, the Government that, yes successive Governments have made a hash of things but we cant do anything about that right now can we? What we can do is not overrun the country making it impossible for all but the super rich to have anything like a normal life. Go to any area you like which has had immigrants dumped on them and ask the residents what they think.

  2. David McKendrick

    How many is “a massive amount”? I think 850,000 have crossed the Med this year. So the European population outnumber them by about 874 to 1. Speaking of large numbers there were 327,000 Emigrants FROM UK last year and over 624,000 people immigrated to the UK in the year ending September 2014. Despite these 624,000 legal immigrants our economy doesn’t seem to have collapsed despite my allegedly poor grasp of economics.

  3. bobrob22

    There seems to be something of a Gordon Brown bigoted woman attitude from some people on here. The party ignores what ordinary people feel at its peril

  4. mr_fatty

    How can you be sick of something you clearly know nothing about? Get your nose out of The Sun/The Daily Mail, get yourself down to the public library and look up some facts instead.
    You can’t blame migrants/immigrants/refugees for the lack of social housing. The cause is (a) successive right-wing governments selling off existing housing stock to private ownership and (b) underfunding any new builds, or just leaving the job to private finance initiatives. Now if the rich could be made to pay the taxes they owe, there could be housing for everyone, and a fully functioning NHS.

  5. clair hugs

    your name says it all plonker

  6. sandra wilson

    Or it may be more to do with the political correctness agenda that is now prevalent in the UK
    The one that states immigrants have priority over the indigenous.

  7. Somerandomperson

    Businesses employ those who best suit them Sandra, political correctness
    only has influence on company’s decisions if it effect’s their bottom
    line. If someone is taking your job it’s because they’re more efficient
    or willing to do it for less. It’s always been about money and always
    will be unless the UK turns into some sort of socialist utopia like
    Norway which it won’t even if Jeremy Corbyn comes to power theres only
    so much he can change.

  8. David McKendrick

    Foreigners have great difficulty even opening a bank account or finding accommodation never mind finding a job. They are certainly not given preference over the indigenous population. I don’t see how their willingness to take a lower salary matters as so many jobs are minimum wage.

  9. Toby Brewer

    Never, we haven’t got the room to settle or care for some foreigners who can’t speak our language or know nothing of our culture. It’s not racist to turn them back-Britannia is overflowing with immigrants/refugees. Let’s think of the British people for a change instead of some people from a violent cultural background (not suggesting they are violent themselves) so that’s why I’m putting my RIGHT foot down in protest. Where is Britain’s patriotism and national pride? In the bin like our own heritage and culture! Why? Because it is far too easy to gain welfare and residence in our country…

  10. Toby Brewer

    Don’t blame the refugees-blame it on the politicians who have let the migrant crisis (thanks eu for making us pay all that money to be overrun!) happen!

  11. Toby Brewer

    Never, we haven’t got the room to settle or care for some foreigners who can’t speak our language or know nothing of our culture. It’s not racist to turn them back-Britannia is overflowing with immigrants/refugees. Let’s think of the British people for a change instead of some people from a violent cultural background (not suggesting they are violent themselves) so that’s why I’m putting my RIGHT foot down in protest. Where is Britain’s patriotism and national pride? In the bin like our own heritage and culture! Why? Because it is far too easy to gain welfare and residence in our country…

  12. Toby Brewer

    Finally… Another one gets it!

  13. Toby Brewer

    Sadly, that’s correct… Even though this is Britain and not Britanistan the Brits are second class citizens behind the immigrants as we have been bought up to believe a lot of this fighting in the middle east is actually our business and we can’t “offend” anyone who is a foreigner here. That’s why we have lost our patriotism and let this happen. Our way of life is at risk people! Don’t believe the leftist propaganda!

  14. Anna

    They were going to canada, Europe was just a pit stop until their case was being decided by Canadian gov

  15. david williamson

    no way no more

  16. Morten

    Well, then the Blair/Brown gov’t did an astonishing job at mismanaging the NHS, considering the healthcare budget tripled between 1997-2010 from £40bn to £120bn – running at 4x the rate of inflation.

  17. [email protected]

    I really have a problem with this as Britain can not look after it’s own people. Myself and my husband have been paying tax into this country since we both left uni in 2005 and 2006 yet when today I tried to book a pre school booster needle for my son there are no appointments, and I have to keep phoning to try and get a cancellation. currently we are also fighting to get our boy a place in a local primary school. I know a minor gripe but I think that when the UK can serve its own people who were born in this country and help support it, then look to bring others in. That includes adequately being able to support our own homeless and people who are living on the poverty line. Atrocities happen all over the world, which is so sad and I feel for these people I really do,but the answer does not lie is bringing all these problems to our own shores but to help at the source.

  18. tm

    “we are being swarmed and taken over” population of Britain: 61,643,599 Population of refugees: 193,510. Clearly we are not.

    Pakistan have taken 2.6M. Jordan (whose total population is only 6.9 million just over a tenth of the population of the UK) have taken 2.4M (Uk are taking 8% of Jordan’s figure). Lebanon have taken 1.1M. We have taken merely 193K.

    Why are we the ones that should help? because we are the ones conducting the airstrikes that destroy their homes.

    Everyone needs to start remembering the this is a HUMANITARIAN CRISIS. As people began fleeing, ISIS indoctrinated rape to keep the men at home to form an army. these people are fleeing persecution. imagine if this happened to yourself. would you expect people to put a price on your head and turn around and tell you that your right to a life free from the fear of death and torture is too expensive? Refugees aren’t going to effect the economy of this country any more so than the tax evaders in our country. Those who purchase second and third homes because they avoid tax. Get angry at these people for the economy, but remember these are people who need help and compassion. Don’t treat them like a figure. (note: just because you’re male doesn’t mean you have the skill set or the certain attributes to fight against something as terrifying as the terrorist group enslaving their nation. I know i would run, and so would you. sit in your ivory tower and pretend it isn’t happening but the bottom line is, you’d ask for help if the roles were reversed. don’t deny them what you’d expect.)

  19. Your Dad

    As much as I agree with the basic point of your post, I have to take you to task on your spelling and punctuation because it was driving me crazy just reading it. Allow me to help you :

    Let’s go to England. We will get free N.H.S, a free house & free benefits. We will get everything. When we (UK) public cannot even get a house, lots of people have been on the council house waiting list for years and haven’t got anywhere. We are not racist, we simply cannot accept more immigrants. David Cameron and the rest of them need to wake up and smell the coffee. Nearly half, or more, of the UK public are jobless, we don’t have money to spend to donate to help these internationals, our tax and N.I. money is being spent on them.
    We donate for our own charities like cancer and the homeless.
    Oh, and mentioning the homeless, there is a massive homeless crisis. These people have probably worked all of their lives and have hit financial difficulties, which has resulted in them losing their homes and families but yet they are still sleeping in doorways. Try helping us (UK) instead of helping others. If this happens and the big guys let all these people in the country, that’s it, the country will go downhill. We will be in debt, companies will cut jobs like they have done with the police jobs . We, as British people don’t have a say in the matter. If it were the other way round and the UK hit bad times and we had to flee the country, no one would take us in. We are the mothering country and always have helped other countries. But no more. This has to stop now.

  20. Your Dad

    Nail on the head.

  21. Your Dad

    Because the people’s opinions don’t bloody count other than General Elections. !!

  22. Your Dad

    Couldn’t agree more.

  23. Your Dad

    That was brilliant. All those words and not one bit of punctuation between them. Good job. I can see the British education system is really on top form !!

  24. Your Dad

    Oh so you will be opening up your house for a family of them to come live with you then? Wait, I can already hear your answer.

  25. Alan Williams

    Simplistic strawman. One the foreigner is happy to live in a 2 bed flat or garden shed with five others. And is willing to be paid far less. Secondly manual trades do not require super language skills. Sorry did my facts and context ruin your lovely little bullshit sound bite?

  26. Alan Williams

    It’s a shame your stats are complete bollocks isn’t it.

    “There were 32,467 additional doctors employed in the NHS in 2014 compared to 2004. The number has increased by an annual average of 2.5 per cent over that time.There were 18,432 more NHS nurses in 2014 compared to ten years earlier. The number has increased by an annual average of 0.5 per cent over that period.”


  27. Alan Williams

    Also you use “beds” to falsely imply that less money and less staff are working in fewer hospitals. Wrong beds have reduced but for good reason:

    “The number of hospital beds has been declining for many years in England and many other countries. This is a result both of medical advances (leading to shorter lengths of stay) and a shift in policy towards treatment and care outside hospital”


  28. Alan Williams

    How many have Israel taken in? Oh none? Oh but it’s ok for them to be apartheid and zenophobic isn’t it… while locking up illegal immigrants for two years in the desert….

  29. Alan Williams

    Hey guess what… it’s not about the amount of land we have it’s about social cohesion and existing infrastructure or do you naively think the green belt grows roads, water treament plants, schools, and power stations like flipping Hay? Or is it too hard for you to take in facts that undermine your warped world view?

  30. Ashley

    I haven’t been able to read all comments but shouldn’t the UK’s general public have a proper vote to decide to take People/children refugees into our country instead of David Cameron making the decision off of his own back?

  31. Kate HA

    Hungary, Chech rep, Poland, Slovakia et al “not panicking”. Do try to keep up if you must insist on publicising your opinions.

  32. Kate HA

    Check it out. Israel is overwhelmed with ‘migrants’ …. many from Sudan.

  33. Amazinglyso

    All politicians/media journalists in support of major immigration never consider the adverse implications on wider society of such indelible diversity, despite commendable humanitarian endeavours to rescue those fleeing persecution in their own countries; Britons of all ethnicity, social class and political persuasion are genuinely empathetic of the prevalent immigrant crisis, yet feel helpless in their own poorer economic communities to know how to help those in equally desperatesituations – especially homeless charities and housing associations to which immigrants largely depend upon for permanent shelter.

    The Pearly-Haute that champion pro-immigration gloss over matters of inherent inequalities within disadvantaged communities also demonstrate a certain ugly disdain for national identity – no one is
    particularly interested, yet ironically and predominantly in equalsocial mobility. It is also most very true that the Pearly-Haute happily and readily place these impoverished masses in already struggling communities – why NO to more immigration should be the answer (unless) the wealthiest are willing to give up privately owned land or Greenbelt to balance population levels.

    Regardless of Cameron’s right decision in Bourgeoisie-Ruling times where distribution of national wealth so greedily hoarded, one thing is certain and sleeping in the idle conscience of everyone – contempt for autocracy holds very true, whether it is in the holy lands or in Britain, people of all disadvantaged need will not be exploited longerterm; whether by modern notions of national identity or bent media toff apparent prejudice towards the suffering of all marginalized peoples.

  34. Amazinglyso

    I rarely find an English person to speak other languages so fluently as the many foreign members of our united globe, yet do fully get your meaning about employer bias towards British who appear to know and oftentimes demonstrate their worker rights in higher paid positions and why cross-board employers are more inclined to employ multinationals. This is rarely discussed in media circles and why prejudice towards indigenous people such a growing issue. I once did a cleaning job and had to interview and employ co-workers of various nationality and lucky that I could speak and translate in some instances as a native Brit with Nordic Siberian roots – my own employer left it to me to do the work despite it being outside of my own job description – why I eventually left my job I was already over-qualified. What amazed me however, that I was okay to work for £6.00 p/h yet the multinationals wanted far more and why they did not adhere to the role!

  35. Amazinglyso

    Sandra is spot on.

  36. Amazinglyso

    Employer bias is also a very credible reality you have forgotten to mention in your reply to Sandra’s argument. Performance related pay is a subjective matter unless you work in sales to garner informed decisions within the company you are employed, and does depend upon individual employee approach I agree totally where profit-margins must be met. However, persuasive speech is the domain of sales companies – whether you speak fluent English or not – even in accountancy and healthcare roles; demonstration of person-centred approach everything and not always achievable without excessive training or experience that can prejudice a person’s successful employment.
    I have worked in Social Care; Sales, non-trained recruitment and still unable to secure jobs within my experience range even as a highly articulate, organized, multilingual and wealth of people and intermediate skills and yet known foreign nationals get jobs they have never once worked in on the basis of their illiteracy CVs. This is largely to do with employer bias of ‘workers rights’ many appear to assume that indigenous British know what these are even if they really don’t at all.

  37. Amazinglyso

    Disagree entirely. I used to write CVs’ for Lithuanian migrants as a highly educated and articulate person – they still got jobs based upon their original unreadable resumes and largely because this demonstrated ill knowledge of ‘workers rights’ that indigenous Brits are meant to utilize in low-paid or unskilled positions yet do not possess these skills, only those largely employed within profitable careers.

  38. Amazinglyso

    Britain has many thriving cities of wonderful people of all ethnic calibre we can all agree, yet what of the equal number of wealthy politicians, multinational businesses and lottery winners- where are they making any contribution to impoverished multinationals that are often forces to live amongst some of the poorest communities in Celtic lands?. I never used the word ‘indigenous’ you may like to toss an argument because this is now an obsolete terminology in enlightened 21st century western society that happens to be home to a fantastic array of smart-intelligent multicultural populous – I myself have Swedish and Siberian (Genghis Khan) roots as a native Brit and have always championed multicultural cohesion before you even begin to start a debate on my own ancestral background. I also speak 6 languages, self-taught and came from impoverished parents who tried to ruin my own chances of life through abuse and impertinent human pain.
    Very few people are against immigration yet more precisely against the ill-social mobility that directly exacerbates poor social and economic circumstance. Right-Toff media and politicians who like to provoke prejudice within poorer challenged communities think they are winning the war on the oppressed masses by igniting ignorant fires in those who behave and think awkwardly destructive on the matter of immigration, themselves unable to communicate this in literate terms because frustration of class-divide just as tangible now as it ever was in contemporary history. I get it that people are angry and not because of ethnic diversity, yet more precisely because of the added contribution to community struggle against disadvantaged poverty and social inclusion.
    Perhaps our wealthy MP can relate to some extent to those poorer communities struggling to defend themselves against further poverty and obsolete job opportunities within the poor working sector, most worried about causing majority political uprising against the social and economic divides inherent within our own multi-ethnic impoverished cities?. This will happen regardless of any further immigration impact and as the nation awakens to such wealth- inequalities.

  39. Amazinglyso

    Poverty world-wide is a universal thing and why the wealth inequality will perish thank-goodness.

  40. Amazinglyso

    I agree they perhaps should, yet bringing down mass western elites a far cry better and healthier on the whole.

  41. Amazinglyso

    Perhaps not and yes no.
    What is very clear however is that class socio-economic divide within western communities will soon collapse for the greater good and human civilization will find a brave new existence.

  42. Amazinglyso

    Agree Mr.Fatty – the wealthiest will hopefully perish and a new brilliant human civilization shall emerge and once again humans will be free and rule their own existence – I pray to the holy ghost that I get my place in a renewed world of de-populated existence. It is why my cherished and much loved pets died and why I hang on to the hope of fending for myself one-day and not on government hand-outs that undermine my need and want for unpopular survivalist attitude.

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