Night tube will only benefit richer Londoners, according to study

The new night tube will service boroughs with an average house price of £394,000


The 24-hour underground service will mainly benefit richer Londoners, a new study has claimed.

A study by the travel company Mapway found that the proposed route for the new night tube will service boroughs with an average house price of £394,000, compared to £285,000 in the areas it will miss.

Just five of the existing 11 London Underground lines will be open when the night tube finally goes live.

More than a quarter (2.1 million) of London’s 8.2 million population currently live in an area that won’t be covered by the night tube.

The night tube was due to launch on September 12, but has been pushed back because of a dispute between Transport for London and unions over shift patterns and the viability of the service. Tube staff are being asked to work extra hours at night and on weekends when the tube switches to 24 hour services.

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7 Responses to “Night tube will only benefit richer Londoners, according to study”


    If I was rich I would still go to bed early. Why on earth does this system have to operate all night. London has a good NS bus service. I was surprised to see that the Waterloo UG booking/information office has closed. If Tfl get away with this closure then they can close them all. I noted people wandering around looking for help and the staff under pressure trying to explain how the out of date ticket machines work.

  2. DaveJones

    The capital city should have a 24×7 transport system. People work at night too.

    If the unions don’t like it, sack them. It’s time for driverless trains like the DLR

  3. Trevor Seemann

    1. I am not rich, if I were I’d be using taxis.

    2. Night bus routes are not co-terminus with tube services.

    3. Someone always going to bed early is no argument.

    4. Neither Labour or the Unions are actually opposed to night services.

    5. I and many other poorer people will welcome night tube services.

  4. woohoo002

    Driverless Tube trains will benefit all in London, as the people would not be held hostage by the Marxist Unions.

  5. Justin Lai

    Because Night Bus is out of date and as a nation we need to move forward to maintain competitiveness with other rising cities. a 24/7 service will give us competitive edge and the option to live our life the way we want to.

  6. Justin Lai

    This is a rubbish article not even worthy of news. No real basis or evidence for what it’s proposing. Writing for the sake of writing.

  7. Mann T.

    Given that average house price in London is £459,813 all above figures seem a bit odd.

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