Event: Murdoch’s attacks on the BBC: How should the Left respond?

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Murdoch’s attacks on the BBC: How should the Left respond?



Monday, 28 September
Grand Hotel, Victoria Terrace (secure zone), Labour party conference, Brighton


This Tory government’s cheerleaders in the press have declared ‘war on the BBC’.

As the Beeb-bashing continues and the axe swings ahead of charter renewal in 2016, what progressive case should be made to defend public broadcasting?

Join us for MediaWatch’s first event at Labour party conference in Brighton this Monday. 

Our panel will see Chi Onwurah MP, a member of Jeremy Corbyn’s new culture and media team, and Jane Perry, president of the media trade union Bectu, discuss how the Left should respond to attacks on the BBC.

The event will be a unique opportunity to help shape Labour and Left policy on the BBC and the media.

You can submit questions for the panel by commenting below or emailing [email protected] 



  • Chi Onwurah MP, shadow minister for culture, media and sport
  • Jane Perry, president of Bectu, the UK’s media and entertainment trade union
  • Chair: Adam Barnett, MediaWatch writer for Left Foot Forward

For more information email: [email protected]


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6 Responses to “Event: Murdoch’s attacks on the BBC: How should the Left respond?”

  1. Patrick Nelson

    The BBC is no longer balanced and it did a hatchet job on Ed Miliband, stuff them, let them defend themselves.

  2. stevep

    The BBC needs to defend itself against government and media attacks on it.
    It probably still has the best investigative reporting team in the business and should use them to dig deep into the various media empires and the roles they play in the UK.
    It could run Panorama specials at peak time on various media baron`s mucky empires, mucky propaganda and the use of it to support far-right governmental policy.
    The BBC has got nothing to lose, the various far-right forces arrayed against it want it shut down anyway.
    It should come out fighting, using every part of it`s still-considerable resources to attack the opposition.
    When the BEEB has gone, say goodbye to quality programmes worth watching, Standards will fall off the edge of a cliff. Say goodbye to excellent and diverse radio programming and most importantly, say goodbye to the most important relatively impartial media broadcaster in the world.

  3. IvyMike

    “It could run Panorama specials at peak time on various media baron`s mucky empires, mucky propaganda and the use of it to support far-right governmental policy.”

    So an ‘impartial’ BBC isn’t what you had in mind? And you wonder why people want to get rid of this leftist propaganda outfit?

  4. stevep

    The BBC has built a worldwide reputation for relative impartiality. However it is under attack from far-right forces and their supporters, who don`t want impartiality. It has a right to defend itself from such attacks and respond in kind by investigating the motivation behind it all and reporting on it`s findings.
    If you think the BBC is a “leftist propaganda outfit”, then you either don`t watch or listen to it much, read the SunMail too much or are just trolling on behalf of the poverty-deniers.

  5. IvyMike

    The BBC is NOT impartial and has admitted it. The real reason that people like you want it to remain is because you see it as a leftie counter balance to the ‘right wing’ Murdoch press. It supports multiculturalism, ‘diversity’, immigration and the EU.


    You clearly worship at the feet of Owen Jones and Russell Brand. Open your mind and educate yourself.

    Do a Google search of the BBC website and you’ll see that something ‘right wing’ is many times more likely to be called ‘extreme’ than something ‘left wing’. For example, the term “extreme right wing’ occurs 994 times, compared with 315 times for “extreme left wing”.

    Google: “extreme right wing” site:bbc.co.uk

  6. stevep

    Don`t care for Russell Brand and I don`t even know who Owen Jones is, so consider myself educated!

    A 60,000 strong petition against BBC refusal to call Cameron Right-Wing, when Corbyn is repeatedly labelled left-wing blows your theory out of the water.
    There`s ample people on the left who think the BBC has always been pro-establishment, ie. Right-Wing. Nothing I`ve seen in the last five decades changes that.

    Right Wingers assume that debate about anything that doesn`t promote the doctrine of greed, selfishness and plutocracy is left-wing. That the programming of anything left of “Downton Abbey” or “To the Manor Born” is somehow proof that the red flag flies just around the corner.

    To be fair to the BBC, it is an organisation internationally respected for it`s relatively unbiased news coverage. A good many people in war-torn and occupied countries have relied on it for their source of information, in preference to their own media and often at great personal risk.

    Despite our perceptions of it, If the BBC goes we will be reduced to other media organisations offering cheaply-made, poor quality, lowest common denominator programming designed to fill the gaps between advertising. If you`ve witnessed TV in the USA, you will know what I mean!

    There will be no diverse radio programming. What other media organisations will run specialist shows with talk, drama, debate, classical music, reggae, 50`s, rock, metal,sport, world service, in fact programming to suit all of us, not just the advertisers.

    Do you really want that, just to score political points?

    Neither do I.

    Long live the BBC!

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