Times apologises for saying former Pope was a ‘non-Catholic’

The Times accidentally excommunicates Pope John Paul II


Is the Pope a Catholic? It’s one of those annoying smart-arse rhetorical questions, relying on the answer being obvious to make sense.

But the answer doesn’t seem so obvious to the Times newspaper, which has apologised for calling the late Pope John Paul II the ‘first non-Catholic pope in 450 years’.

The paper’s corrections box today reads:

“Karol Wojtyla [the real name of Pope John Paul II] was referred to in Saturday’s Credo column as ‘the first non-Catholic pope for 450 years’. This should, of course, have read ‘non-Italian’. We apologise for the error.

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally excommunicate a former Pope?

Expect a hard-hitting investigation by the Times about whether woods are really used by bears for defecation.

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